Effetto Mariposa product testimonials (‪Shelter‬ knight, ‪Caffélatex‬ cow, ‪Carogna‬ vulture, ‪Giustaforza‬ astronaut and ‪OctoPlus‬ octopus) enjoy some humorous time off…

What does Effetto Mariposa do?

Our product range includes, among other things, bicycle torque wrenches, the first synthetic-latex tire sealant and visco-elastic frame protection. All very technical items, but without an evident relation… or not?
In reality, as for the butterfly effect (“Effetto Mariposa” in a mix of Italian and Spanish) – where small changes lead to major consequences – the cause-effect relation is there but it’s not that obvious.
From the moment we became Effetto Mariposa, all output has emanated from the simple need for better products for our own use. Our challenge was to never emulate, but to always either innovate or improve upon something already available.
For punctures, we moved past our own Caffélatex sealant to create Espresso – an inflate & repair cartridge, containing Caffélatex. When we considered the possibility of being outfoxed by external elements we took it a step further with Caffélatex ZOT! Nano, a catalyst, to ‘freeze’ Caffélatex or Espresso in the gash, sealing the largest of lacerations.
Most recently we presented Carogna, a double-sided adhesive tape for tubular gluing.
We won’t stop here. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to uncover the next best way to have the most fun on two wheels, and with that, inflict our own provocations.
Truth is, we don’t follow a cold-forged product development plan and don’t know what we’ll do next. But following the flap of a butterfly’s wings will surely take us somewhere exciting.

Why Effetto Mariposa?

Catch the detail... the little leaf on the spider's web
Catch the detail… the little leaf on the spider’s web

“Effetto Mariposa” name homages the fascinating Chaos Science. Following what has been verified for the so called ‘nonlinear dynamic systems’ (showing sensitive dependence on initial conditions, more details here), and taking a giant leap from physics to the more familiar bicycle world, we believe that small changes can lead to major differences. This drives us to refine each new product so that it gives our customers (at least) a tiny yet clear advantage.

All Effetto Mariposa products are made in Italy as we believe, constantly verifying it, in the excellence of our suppliers and in the importance of direct contact with our roots.

Who is Effetto Mariposa?

Alberto, still recognizable, before mud took over

Alberto De Gioannini is the man behind Effetto Mariposa.
Materials Engineer, Alberto has co-operated with prominent bicycle industry players until starting – in 2007 – his own project (his Linkedin profile is here).

Long-time cycling aficionado, he has a true passion for “bicycle” as both technical object and means of transportation.
His goal is riding every day. When he doesn’t succeed, his collegues at Effetto Mariposa take the onerous task of putting up with him.

Where is Effetto Mariposa?

Effetto Mariposa offices and warehouse are located in Lugano area, Cantone Ticino, Switzerland