Carogna Remover – Mastic remover

Carogna Remover is a solvent that allows to completely remove solid mastic from carbon or aluminum rims. A clean rim is the ideal surface for gluing tubulars with Carogna tubular tape.

17.50 CHF


  • Easy to apply
  • Very effective
  • Not smelly nor dangerous

IMPORTANT: not to be used on tubular tyres


Easy to apply

Carogna Remover – thanks to its high viscosity – won’t drip once spread on the rim gluing surface, over solid mastic. Being red, you will clearly see where it is, making it easy to apply an even coat.

Very effective

Waiting between 2 to 12 hours (depending on the mastic type), Carogna Remover will dissolve the mastic, making it easy to remove with a cloth or a plastic tyre lever.

Not smelly nor dangerous

Despite its very strong action, Carogna Remover doesn’t contain any dangerous or flammable chemical and is totally benign to metal or carbon fiber.
No smell means you can safely use it indoor: Carogna Remover won’t force you to work outside or open doors and windows in your workshop, unlike fast evaporating solvents.


Available as 150 ml tube.

How to use it

  1. Carogna Remover should be applied and spread over solid mastic using a small brush. We recommend to completely cover mastic traces with a thick (around 1 mm) layer of Remover. Thanks to its high viscosity, Carogna Remover won’t drip: it stays on top of the mastic, dissolving it.
WARNING: immediately clean Carogna Remover if any excess goes on rim decals, as some might be dissolved.

    WARNING: do not apply on the tubular base tape! Carogna Remover might weaken the adhesion of the base tape to the tubular casing.

  2. Allow Carogna Remover time to work (between 2 to 12 hours): depending on the mastic type, thickness and age, more time might be need. Once the old mastic is covered with Remover, the wheel can be hung somewhere and checked from time to time, trying to scrape the mastic away using a plastic tyre lever or a cloth. If mastic is still holding strong, allow more time.
  3. When the old mastic is softened, it can be removed using a cloth or a plastic tyre lever.

    WARNING: waiting too long after mastic has been softened, it will revert to its solid state, incorporating Carogna Remover and turning red. No problem: just apply a new coat of Carogna Remover and restart from #1.


How many wheels can be done with a 150 ml tube of Carogna Remover?
This depends a lot on how much you put on each wheel. It’s realistically between 4 and 8 wheels.

Does it have an expiry date?
The chemicals used are stable. We warranty it for two years from the date of purchase.

If someone leaves it in his shed and freezes during winter time will it lose it effectiveness?
We recommend keeping Carogna Remover in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. The product should be stored at temperatures between 0°C and 40°C.

Made in Italy.

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26 responses to “Carogna Remover – Mastic remover

  1. Can CAROGNA REMOVER – MASTIC REMOVER dissolve solidified sealant between a tubeless tire and a carbon wheel?

    1. The product we recommend to clean solid latex sealant is our Caffélatex Remover
      Caffélatex Remover works great on metal or carbon surfaces. On tyres it should be used carefully as it will soften the rubber too if left too long (so, apply, get the solid sealant off, then rinse with water).

  2. If this product is used on a tubular tyre, can the tyre be used again? My son used it without realising that he should not use it on tyres, it is a Continental Competition, without base tape. He used the Carogna quite sparingly, but now I’m worried.

    Thanks, David

    1. Hello David,
      you can see quite quickly if Carogna Remover has done any damage to the tubular: if the base tape is still well attached to the tubular itself, then no damage has been done. If you see the base tape lifted in some points, then better not using the tubular.
      As you know, Carogna Remover is designed to be used on tubular rims, not on the tubular tyre.

  3. Had some problems when I first started using it: it dries faster than what suggested by manufacturer and required lots of effort.
    It actually works fast: often times after 1 hour you can already remove the glue, with little effort, using any clothing you have available (old kitchen rags work wonderfully).
    If you get to catch the product time sweet spot, i have no doubt you will love it as I do now!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Temperature and humidity can surely influence the time Carogna Remover takes to dissolve glue.
      Checking at one hour intervals after applying is not a bad idea: if the glue can already be removed after one hour, fine; if not, at least you don’t run the risk of missing the right moment.

  4. I have left this stuff on my rims for 24hrs because i thought longer was better and had a tough time removing the old glue…if i reapply and leave for 8 hours or so are you telling me it will come off with little effort…i still have the rear tire to do UGH

    1. Hello Sam, infact there’s a “sweet spot” in terms of how long you have to leave Carogna Remover, and this is often between 4 and 8 hours (depending on how old and how thick is the mastic layer).
      If left for too long (over 12 hours), Carogna Remover will dry up and mastic becomes (again) difficult to remove. If this happens, just apply another coat of Carogna Remover, and wait until mastic softens: checking it at one-hour intervals will ensure you don’t miss the right moment. Let me know how it goes!

  5. For 24 hours, one wheel was lying flat and the other was in a truing stand with Carogna remover on it. None of it flowed or dripped.

    1. It depends on the thickness of Carogna Remover layer you applied.
      If you apply it quite thin, 8 hours is the sweet spot to get the glue softened and easy to remove. Past that, it might turn solid again, with a white-red dried up Carogna Remover on top.
      If that happens, no big problem: just apply more Carogna Remover on top, let it soften the glue again and clean up before it gets solid.

  6. Can this also be used on the tire? I have lots of big globs on a tire that I want to reglue. Thanks!

    1. Hi Erik, we don’t recommend using Carogna Remover on a tubular. While our Remover will surely remove the mastic from the base tape, it’s very likely it will affect negatively the adhesion of the base tape to the tubular casing. Don’t take the risk.
      If you want to use a previously-glued tubular with Carogna tape, just make sure the mastic coating on the tubular is even, peeling off the mastic globs and adding more mastic on empty areas. When mastic on the tubular is dry and even, you can mount the tubular with Carogna tape.

    1. Yes, it is.
      It won’t dissolve the tape itself, though, will just work on the glue/mastic leavings (remove the tape completely before applying Carogna Remover on the rim).

  7. Our Canadian distributor is also located in Québec:
    Distributions Lyncee Inc.
    7224, Rue Louise-Carrier
    Lévis (QUÉBEC) CANADA G6V8R4
    Tel. 418-903-4913
    [email protected]
    They will be happy to assist you in locating the closest Carogna source, cheers!

  8. Where can I buy the Carogna remover? Do you have a recommended web site?

    1. Hi Patrick, where are you based? With that, we’ll be able to give you the right contact!