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Espresso Doppio

Espresso Doppio is an inflate & repair cartridge designed for big volume tires, up to “29+” size.
Cyclists on Plus tyres or Enduro racers will appreciate the additional inflating power of the 125 ml Doppio.

15.00 CHF


  • works for tyres up to 29+ (29×3.00)
  • easy to use thanks to Presta-only silicone hose
  • doesn’t contain Ammonia


Why we created it:

Espresso Doppio is designed for big volume tires, up to “29+” size. While standard Espresso is the ideal choice for road or XC cyclists, people using fatter tires or Enduro racers will appreciate the additional inflating & puncture-fixing power of the 125 ml Doppio.
Similarly to Espresso, a single Espresso Doppio is suitable to repair a single tire but its volume make it effective on fatter tire allowing successive re-inflations on the way home (to restore the correct riding pressure).


it repairs punctures on tube-type, tubeless and tubular tyres.

Easy to use:

the flexible silicone tube of the nozzle fits directly on Presta valves, allowing the use of Espresso even with spokes close to the valve area. Thanks to the lack of adapters on the hose, the special repairing foam (Caffélatex based) goes straight into the tyre, without leaks.


less than one minute is needed to inflate and repair tyres with sizes up to “29+” (29×3.00).


puncture-sealing action is ensured by ammonia-free Caffélatex sealant, optimized for the pressurized application. Espresso Doppio doesn’t damage Caffélatex, if already present inside the tyre, but enhances its action.


one Espresso Doppio cartridge for one tire. Presta valve only.


it can inflate a mountain-bike tyre at over 3 bar. It’s possible to add more pressure after using Espresso Doppio cartridge.

Maximum repairable damage in a tube:

inner tubes stretch when inflated – being limited in their expansion only by the tyre – and punctures in a tube tend to change geometry and size depending on the inflating pressure.
As punctures in a tube grow in size increasing the pressure, the maximum damage a sealant can repair in a tubeless tyre (where the puncture size and geometry don’t change much with pressure) is bigger than that of an inner tube.
Espresso Doppio can generally repair punctures up to 1 mm in tubes, while it’s up to 4 or 5 times more in a tubeless tyre.


125 ml cartridge (155 mm x 45 mm diameter).

Made in Italy.


A Caffélatex cocktail

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4 responses to “Espresso Doppio

  1. Do you need the Espresso Doppio to fix a 29 inch, 2.00-2.25 inches wide tyre? Or will the standard Espresso work?


    1. Hello Alejandro, that depends on the tire pressure you want to reach.
      The standard Espresso will get a 29×2.00 up to between 30 and 25 psi (depending on the real tire volume), between 20 and 25 psi for a 29×2.20.
      For this reason we recommend Espresso for road and XC tires, Espresso Doppio for mtb tires in general (up to 29+, so 29×3.00)

  2. Could you please send me the MSDS file of this product in English and Portuguese?