A new "wider" Shelter: e-bikes and big-tubed carbon frames are now protected!

Since their launch, our Shelters have become one of the most appreciated accessory by cyclists, thanks to their great protective capacity and long-lasting adhesion.

Today we are launching a “big” variant of shelter: Shelter Roll “Wide”. With a width of 80 mm, the new Shelter meets the need for a wider format on e-bikes and carbon frames with big tubes.

shelter roll wide

In addition to the “classic” 58 mm wide variant, the Shelter Roll is therefore now available also in “Wide” width of 80 mm, for ZeroDue (0,2 mm thickness), Road (0,6 mm), Off-Road (1,2 mm), 1 or 5 meter long.

Immediately available on our online store.

Discover all Shelter Roll versions on the product page!

Effetto Mariposa