The Caffélatex Cow: a “milk” (“latte” in Italian) such as Caffélatex requires a peculiar cow…

Caffélatex is a truly innovative tyre sealant, successfully used on and off (mtb, cyclocross) road, for tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications.


How it works: thanks to the addition of microscopic silicate particles, Caffélatex moves slowly through holes, allowing the sealing ingredient more time to heal the puncture. These particles are NOT of macroscopic size (e.g., glitter 150-300 microns) but are instead microscopic particles less than 2 microns in diameter. Thus, Caffélatex flow characteristics change on a microscopic level without the headaches of valve-clogging glitter. Puncture repair speed is especially noticeable with lightweight or thin-casing tires.

Foaming action activated by wheel movement: the first advantage of Caffélatex over classic latex-based sealants comes from a foaming agent (Actifoam™), activated by wheel movement. Centrifugal force drives standard latex-based sealants against the outer circumference of the tyre. Caffélatex foaming action causes it to fill the tyre’s entire internal cavity , making it much more effective against sidewall punctures.

Puncture-repairing action: its fast sealing action makes Caffélatex ideal for MTB and road tubeless, tubular and standard tyres. Caffélatex repairs punctures up to 5 mm (mtb) and 3 mm (road).

Stable over time: thanks to its formula, Caffélatex is a very stable and durable sealant, although its lifespan is also dependant on kind of application and external conditions.
Using the recommended quantities for tyre size, the expected sealant lifespan is:

  • Tubular (or Caffélatex inserted into latex/butyl inner tube): 1-2 years
  • UST  Tubeless tyre: 4-6 months
  • Tubeless-ready tyre: 2-4 months
  • Tube-type tyre: 2-3 months

Nevertheless, in the impossibility of knowing our customers’ specific application (kind of wheel/tyre set-up, tyre sidewall thickness and porosities, external temperature and humidity, bicycle storage conditions…), we recommend checking Caffélatex every 2 months, to make sure it’s liquid and therefore retains its ‘puncture preventive’ action.
When dry, Caffélatex-sealed wheels are still air-tight, but Caffélatex won’t actively repair punctures.

Not corrosive: being completely ammonia-free, its 100% tyre and rim friendly. It’s also a favourite sealant for cyclocross/tubular applications, creating no harm to the sensitive latex innertubes.

Caffélatex 1000ml
Caffélatex 250ml
Caffélatex 250ml
Caffélatex 60ml
Caffélatex 60ml

Sizes: bottles (1000, 250 ml), cheer-packs (60 ml) or bundled in Caffélatex Tubeless Conversion Kits.
10 liter Caffélatex Pro Point also available for teams or shops.

Usage and storage temperatures: from very cold to very hot, exceeding by far those of first-generation latex sealants (usage: -20/+50°C ~ storage: -15/ +30°C).

iCaffélatex, for Android and iOS: click here to go to the download pages!

Recommended quantities: we take too much pride in our attention for details for giving rough numbers: for a precise recommended Caffélatex quantity (given the tyre type and size), click here. Even better, install our iCaffélatex app on your phone (iOS, Android)




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  3. Is the caffélatex sealant Co2 friendly?

  4. iOS app is high:)

  5. Lukas sanktjohanser

    What are the ingredients of the product and what happens if you drink a mouthful?

    • Caffélatex contains synthetic latex and other chemicals, none of them classified as toxic.
      In case of skin contact: Wash with plenty of water and soap.
      In case of eyes contact: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
      In case of Ingestion: Do not under any circumstances induce vomiting. OBTAIN A MEDICAL EXAMINATION IMMEDIATELY.
      In case of Inhalation: Remove casualty to fresh air and keep warm and at rest.
      Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed: None
      4.3. Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed treatment: None

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