The correct quantity of Caffélatex and Végétalex for each cyclist

What is the right quantity of Caffélatex or Végétalex sealant for Off-Road, Road, Gravel, cyclo-cross tyres? This question is more complex than it seems.

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Tyre sealants are a must-have for the performance-oriented cyclists, to avoid the feared and annoying punctures. The big question is: how much sealant do I need?

Parameters that influence the necessary quantity of sealant:

Several parameters should be taken into account, for example the outside humidity, temperature and tyre inflation routine/regularity. However, the main factors are:

  • tyre size: width and diameter;
  • tyre type: if tubeless, tubeless-ready, tubular or tube-type used as tubeless.

With that in mind, we decided to create an easy tool to select the right sealant quantity: iCaffelatex, a free App (for both Android and iOS smartphones).

iCaffelatex app

Designed for Caffélatex and Végétalex sealants, iCaffelatex calculates the optimal quantity of sealant needed per wheel, based on tyre size and tyre construction (tubeless, tubeless-ready, tubular, etc.).

How to use iCaffelatex:

With an user-friendly interface, it is possible to set the following parameters to find the optimal amount of sealant:

  1. the type of discipline (Off-Road, Road/Gravel, Cyclo-cross)
  2. Caffélatex or Végétalex sealant
  3. the Tyre Type (tubeless, tubeless-ready, tubular…)
  4. the Wheel Diameter
  5. the Tyre Width.

Using the recommended quantity is important to avoid an excessive quantity of sealant (meaning too much weight), or remaining without it when needed.

In addition, iCaffelatex gives you an idea about the sealant life span that applies to most sealants on the market. Last but not least, iCaffelatex doesn’t require Internet access to work.

Sealant quantity and expected life span:

The life span of sealant inside a tyre is directly proportional to its quantity. When you reduce the quantity of sealant, you also reduce its ability to repair punctures, and its life span. Sealant evaporation through tyre is unavoidable and, eventually, a limited amount of liquid will remain inside the tyre, unable to give an active puncture protection. For this reason, regular checks and sealant refills are strongly recommended.

Using our suggested amount, the expected life span is the following:


  • tubular (or Caffélatex inserted into latex/butyl inner tube): up to 1 year
  • UST Tubeless tyre: 2-6 months
  • tubeless-ready tyre: 1-4 months.


  • starting at 3 months, normally exceeding 6 months for any application.
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