Espresso_0136Espresso is an inflate & repair cartridge for the demanding cyclists and racers.


Multi-purpose: Espresso is perfect for both road and off-road applications, fixing punctures on tube-type, tubeless and tubular tyres.

User-friendly: the flexible silicone tube of the nozzle fits directly on Presta valves, allowing the use of Espresso even with spokes close to the valve area or lenticular/road disk wheels (an exclusive feature!).

Clean: thanks to a direct connection between the valve and cartridge, the special repairing foam (Caffélatex based) goes straight into the tyre, without leaks.

Fast: less than one minute is needed to inflate and repair road or mountain bike tyres (up to xc-size 29″).

The only inflate & repair functional on lenticular wheels!

Ammonia-free: puncture-sealing action is ensured by ammonia-free Caffélatex sealant, optimized for the pressurized application. Espresso doesn’t damage Caffélatex, if already prensent inside the tyre, but enhances its action.

Dosage: one Espresso cartridge for one tire. Presta valve only.

Pressure: it can inflate a road tyre up to 5 bar and a xc mountain-bike tyre at over 2 bar. It’s possible to add more pressure after using Espresso cartridge.

Size: cartridge (75 ml, 155 mm tall x 35 mm diameter).

See here reviews on magazines and websites all over the World!


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  1. Hi,

    I found a great way to mount a can of ‘Effetto Mariposa Espresso’ by using a Lezyne Nylon Bracket Mount For HV Pump! This bracket is for the mountain bike/high volume pump (not the pump for road bike).

    The nylon bracket/legs will stretch a bit to fit the can and the strap is long enough to secure it!


  2. Is this ok to use on a clincher

  3. Any way to get the two cartridge frame mount

  4. I can’t even buy the two bottle mount for my bike
    I have one more espresso cartridge and I’m hoping
    Stock returns to the U.S. But would still love to
    To get the frame mount that holds two cartridges

    • Hi Isaac, we share your pain… hopefully waiting will be over soon, Espressos are on their way to the US.

  5. Yes US

    • Quality Bicycle Products is soon receiving Espresso… most US bicycle shops will then be able to get the product in house fast!

  6. isaac keselman

    I’m Trying to get the Espresso Repair Cartridges and they seem to be out of stock everywhere? I would really like 75ml two pack with the clip if its possible to order directly.

    • Hello Isaac,
      where are you based? If you’re in the US, I know most of our distributors are temporarely out of stock of Espresso (flammable, it has to be shipped by sea… it just takes longer) but the wait will soon be over.

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