The right Caffélatex quantity for mountain, fat, road, cyclocross

What is the right Caffélatex quantity for mountain, fat, road, cyclocross tyres? This question is much more complicated than it seems.

Caffélatex quantity: Road and Cyclocross

Tyre sealants are a must for the performance-oriented cyclist, to avoid unplanned stops before the finish line because of punctures. The big question is: how much sealant is the right quantity?

Parameters influencing the correct sealant quantity:

Several parameters should to be evaluated, for example:

  • external humidity
  • temperature
  • frequency of tyre inflation

… but the main factors are:

  1. Tyre size: section and diameter
  2. Tyre construction: if Tubeless, Tubeless-Ready, Tubular or Tube-type used as tubeless

With that in mind, we decided to calculate and provide our recommended sealant quantity: both as charts in this page and as a free App (for Android and iOS smartphones).

Caffélatex quantity: Off-Road

iCaffelatex app

The iCaffelatex app calculates the optimal quantity of Caffélatex sealant needed per wheel, based on tyre size (diameter, width) and tyre construction (Tubeless, Tubeless-Ready, Tubular or Tube-type used as tubeless).

iCaffelatex lets you choose:

  • the practice (Mountain, Road, Cyclocross)
  • the Tyre Type
  • the Wheel Diameter
  • the Tyre Width

to calculate the optimal amount for best results. The iCaffelatex app also recognizes recent tyre categories like 26+, 29+, 650B+ and Fat.

About iCaffelatex:

designed for Effetto Mariposa’s Caffélatex sealant, iCaffelatex precisely calculates how much sealant per wheel you really need;
the recommended Caffélatex quantity can be considered a useful indication for most latex sealants;
provides expected Caffélatex lifespan guidelines;
user-friendly interface doesn’t require Internet access to function.

Why iCaffelatex:

avoid carrying unnecessary weight or finding yourself without sealant when you need it: use the right quantity and know how often you need to check it.

Click to enlarge and scan to get the right version (iOS or Android) for your smartphone
Scan to get the right version (iOS or Android) of free iCaffelatex app for your smartphone!

What you need to do (as easy as “1, 2, 3”):

  1. read your tyre size (diameter, width) on the tyre sidewall
  2. know your tyre type (Tubeless, Tubular… etc)
  3. use iCaffelatex to see precisely how much Caffélatex you need!

Sealant quantity and expected lifespan:

sealant lifespan inside tyres is directly related to the quantity. Reducing the quantity of sealant will reduce its ability to repair punctures, but also its lifespan. Sealant evaporation through tyre casing is unavoidable, and at a certain point there will be hardly any liquid inside the tyres, so no active puncture protection.
For this reason, regular checks and top-ups of sealant are strongly recommended.

Using our suggested quantities, the expected Caffélatex lifespan is:

  • Tubular (or Caffélatex inserted into latex/butyl inner tube): 1-2 years
  • UST  Tubeless tyre: 4-6 months
  • Tubeless-Ready tyre: 2-4 months
  • Tube-Type tyre (used as Tubeless): 2-3 months

18 responses to “The right Caffélatex quantity for mountain, fat, road, cyclocross

  1. I think you need to extend the road chart to more sizes. Many of us are now riding 35-40mm tires for gravel now. Grazie!

  2. Hi!
    I’ve a wheel set of Bontrager Race RL tubeless ready. Could I mount a pair of Rubino Pro 3 using the Mariposa Tubeless kit? Works the sealant liquid with this tyre?
    I appreciate your attention.

    1. Hello Marco,
      for road purposes, we recommend using ONLY tubeless or tubeless-ready tyres in a tubeless set-up.
      Converting normal road tyres to tubeless is simply too dangerous considering the inflating pressures normally used on the road (up to 7 bar/100 psi). I hope it helps!

  3. A lot of bubbles and liquid oozed out during the inflation process (with track pump)….
    is that normal? Or should I top up with more liquid?
    It’s a 32mm 700c – I added 60ml

    Many thanks!

    1. Hey Glyn: the quantity of sealant lost during the first inflation depends very much on the rim-tire combo but… yes, it can happen. You could use an high-volume pump or a compressor and remove the valve mechanism to reduce sealant loss to the minimum (or to zero).
      Unless you really lost a lot, you might want to just ride that tire for a couple of months before checking it and eventually topping it up.
      I’m using a similar qty in a Clement (now Donnelly) Strada USH 32mm and I did a whole season without problems. Before storing that bike for winter I checked the tires, and there was still some liquid Caffélatex inside.

  4. What do I use to clean my Caffelatex injector? I can’t seem to find any information on the website about clean-up after using Caffelatex….Thanks, Dan

  5. Q1. How do you recognized that the sealant is the new formula vs the old one. Are the bottle different?

    Q2. Does ZOT dries out when in the little bottle?


    1. Hi: Caffélatex formula changed at the beginning of 2012. If the batch number you read on the bottle starts with “12***” or more, it’s certainly the new formula. As for Caffélatex Zot!, it isn’t a fast evaporating product. Keeping it closed, it will last for years. Cheers!

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