A cap that you can use as a key. A completely black version. Here is the new Tubeless Valve by Effetto Mariposa.

Our traditional Caffélatex tubeless valve is one of our most popular item thanks to its modular rubber base, with an airtight conic adapter and a red aluminum cap.

From now on, there's an additional feature to our aluminum caps: they also act as keys to tighten the valve mechanism, still keeping weight to the minimum.



Beside that, our valves come now also in a completely black version, in addition to the “classic” silver version (with red cap). Valves (both black and silver) are available in the three lengths 40, 70 and 100 mm, to cover all cycling needs!

Black tubeless valves are now also standard with our Caffélatex Tubeless Kit and Caffélatex Tubeless Strips.

Discover all versions on the product page.

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