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Caffélatex Injector

Caffélatex Injector injects sealants through the valve, in a controlled, fast and clean way. It works for both Presta (removing or not the valve-core) and Schrader valves, and comes with a long tube for easier operation.

12.38 CHF


  • works with any valve type
  • robust construction for high durability (if washed after every use)



Caffélatex Injector works for both Presta (removing or not the valve-core) and Schrader valves, and comes with a long tube for easier operation.


maximum 100 ml.

Tips for use:

with the valve at a 3 or 9 o’clock position, completely remove the piston from the syringe and connect the syringe tube to the valve, using the appropriate adapter. Once connected, keep the syringe vertical and pour the desire sealant quantity inside, then insert the piston pushing the sealant through the valve.

WARNING: to keep a perfect functionality over time, immediately wash thoroughly each part of the syringe with water after use.

Made in Italy.

Effetto Mariposa

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2 responses to “Caffélatex Injector

  1. Hi, do you have further tips for how to inject caffelatex with the black plastic adaptor and metal adaptor into presto valves, as i cannot get any liquid to move through the black adaptor with the syringe. I bought a second one in case it was faulty but it still didn’t work!

    1. Hi, first time we have this complaint! Make sure the injector works by sucking-injecting water.
      Then check the valve, making sure it’s not clogged (if it’s partially so, air might still get in but won’t work with liquid… replacing the valve core or cleaning it with Caffélatex Remover will fix it).
      If after this it still doesn’t work, send us a message at info@effettomariposa.com and we will dig deeper and normally fix it.