Carbomove is a chemical blend that acts at the same time as penetrating oil and as powerful solvent: it's a great help to remove seized components.

Carbomove, in use


  • very effective to remove seized parts (letting it the time to work, 24 hours maximum)
  • a must to remove stuck aerodynamic seatposts
  • easily cleans Carbogrip traces
  • doesn’t damage carbon composites or metals



only available as 200 ml spray canister.

How to use it for a seized seatpost:

  1. to maximize Carbomove effectiveness, create a funnel wrapping the seat tube with packing tape, leaving it open around the (seized) seatpost;
  2. spray abundantly Carbomove inside the funnel, to have the interface between seatpost and seat tube constantly wetted;
  3. let it sit overnight, spray more if needed;
  4. check if the seatpost is still stuck. If so, repeat from #2;
  5. the length of insertion of the seatpost into the frame heavily affects the duration (and success) of the operation.

Made in Italy.


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