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Giustaforza Wrap Pack – Roll up bag

Giustaforza Wrap Pack is a roll up bag that allows compact packing, easy transportation and effective  protection for any Giustaforza 2-16 torque wrench and its bits.

18.75 CHF


  • designed specifically for Giustaforza 2-16 series torque wrenches
  • made in Italy


Practical in use

Giustaforza Wrap Pack is so compact that – carrying the Giustaforza in it – won’t take much more space that the wrench itself, with added protection against shocks and scratches.


Who says tool boxes need just functionality? The Wrap Pack is made in Italy using the best materials.

How to use it

Please follow the visual guide below.


Made in Italy.

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2 responses to “Giustaforza Wrap Pack – Roll up bag

  1. Just received my torque wrench today and re-checked all of the fasteners on my new Kona mountain bike. The superb quality of this tool is quite apparent. I can already tell that this will fast become one of my favorite tools.