Presta Valve Mechanism (X10)

Presta valves with a removable core can be rebuilt replacing the internal mechanism. These quality replacement Presta mechanisms are available as packs of 10 pcs and include a mechanism/extension key.

12.50 CHF


Caffélatex, valves and inner tubes

Being a synthetic latex, Caffélatex is not as intrinsically “sticky” as natural latex sealants, showing a lower tendency to clog valves and valve mechanisms. Still, it’s important to learn how to use it properly to take full advantage of the puncture protection, reducing the drawbacks to the minimum. General tips for long lasting valves, when […] READ ALL

Caffélatex and tubulars

No aggressive chemicals: its complete lack of ammonia or aggressive chemicals make Caffélatex benign even with very sensitive latex inner-tubes (like those found on professional level cyclocross tubulars, for example). Caffélatex is perfectly compatible with tubulars with butyl tubes or tubeless-tubulars construction (like Tufo). Long expected lifespan: if used inside tubulars, as their porosity is […] READ ALL
Effetto Mariposa

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2 responses to “Presta Valve Mechanism (X10)

  1. HELLO I JUST BOUGHT YOUR KEY and also for schrader .Now i have to learn how to use it especially for cleaning I think Do you have any pdf or videos or liens for me ??
    cordialement Renko W

    1. Hello Renko,
      using the presta valve key is very simple.
      Just ft the key hole over the valve mechanism and turn counter-clockwise to unscrew it.
      Once the mechanism is removed, just make sure its rubber seal has no solid residue of latex (if so, take it away; if you cannot, just use a new valve mechanism).
      To reinstall the valve mechanism: fit the mechanism on the valve stem, then use the key to tighten it, this time turning clockwise. Et voila!