Presta Valve Mechanism (x10)

Presta valves with a removable core can be rebuilt replacing the internal mechanism. These quality replacement Presta mechanisms are available as packs of 10 pcs and include a mechanism/extension key.


2 responses to “Presta Valve Mechanism (x10)

  1. HELLO I JUST BOUGHT YOUR KEY and also for schrader .Now i have to learn how to use it especially for cleaning I think Do you have any pdf or videos or liens for me ??
    cordialement Renko W

    1. Hello Renko,
      using the presta valve key is very simple.
      Just ft the key hole over the valve mechanism and turn counter-clockwise to unscrew it.
      Once the mechanism is removed, just make sure its rubber seal has no solid residue of latex (if so, take it away; if you cannot, just use a new valve mechanism).
      To reinstall the valve mechanism: fit the mechanism on the valve stem, then use the key to tighten it, this time turning clockwise. Et voila!

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