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Shelter ZeroDue

Shelter ZeroDue is a very thin (0,2 mm), super lightweight polymeric protector.
It easily adapts to difficult geometries and possesses an incredibly high abrasion resistance.
The ideal complement to Shelter Off-Road (1,2 mm) and Shelter Road (0,6 mm), for different protection needs in different areas.

37.38 CHF


  • abrasion resistant (ideal for crankset, top tube…)
  • easy application
  • perfect adhesion also on curved surfaces
  • extreme lightweight (0,02 g per square centimeter)
  • doesn’t turn yellow over time


Being so thin (0,2 mm) and flexible, Shelter ZeroDue easily follows the contour of difficult geometries. No problem on crank arms or on the unique profiles made possible by the use of carbon fiber, and the incredibly high abrasion resistance comes at very low weight.

Unleash your creativity (or download our templates!)

Instead of providing pre-cut kits or rolls, we decided to offer Shelter ZeroDue as A4 sheets (with a layer of removable printable paper on top): anyone can download the desired pdf cutting guide (below), print it directly on a Shelter ZeroDue A4 sheet (with any ink-jet printer) and cut the element using normal scissors. The printable paper layer can then be removed, and the Shelter ZeroDue element glued on the frame after peeling off its liner.
We added a yellow stripe on the printable paper on top, to take out the guesswork on “which side should I print it”

If someone prefers to create his/her custom protective element drawing with a pencil, that’s another perfect option… or the drawing part can be skipped altogether, directly cutting a protective element free-hand.

Easy to apply:

  1. After removing cables or other interfering elements, clean the area where you want to apply Shelter with alcohol and a clean cloth. Remove traces of dried-up alcohol with a clean, dry cloth.
  2. Select and cut the desired Shelter ZeroDue element, then remove the printable paper on top.
  3. Peel off Shelter back liner, freeing the adhesive surface (TOUCH THE ADHESIVE SURFACE WITH YOUR FINGERS AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE).
  4. Put the Shelter element on the surface you want to protect. Do not apply pressure on Shelter, so that you can re-position the element in case you need to.
  5. When all looks goods, make the Shelter element stick on the area you want to protect, applying a firm and constant pressure with your thumbs starting from the center and working your way towards the edges.
  6. Take your time on stage 5: make sure no air bubbles or wrinkles appear on the protective material. Shelter ZeroDue can protect your frame/component and preserve its original aspect for a very long time.

Super lightweight protection

With just 12,8 grams for a full A4 sheet (210 x 297 mm), Shelter ZeroDue weighs just 0,02 grams per square centimeter!

Shelter ZeroDue detail logo Effetto Mariposa
Laser-etched logo on ZeroDue

Beware of copies

To protect our customers from counterfeit products, we added a laser-etched “Shelter Effetto Mariposa” logo inside Shelter ZeroDue structure, only visible with the right light angle.
Both “Effetto Mariposa” and “Shelter” are registered trademarks.


Shelter is UV-shielded so it won’t turn yellow over time and will even protect the underlaying frame paint from UV degradation.


“Shelter ZeroDue A4” includes two Shelter sheets, A4 size.

Why we developped it:

Shelter, both in its Off-Road (1,2 mm thick) and Road (0,6 mm thick) versions, is a great product for frame protection. Chainstays, down-tube and any spot on the bicycle where impact and friction are both a problem can be efficiently protected using Shelter Off-Road and Road.
However, when friction is the main concern – for example on a crank arm or on the top tube… or on a fancy road bike – a very thin protector can be the way to go. That’s why we created Shelter ZeroDue A4 (“ZeroTwo”, with a thickness below 0,2 mm): all the needed protection against scratches, almost no weight.

Made in Italy.


Which Shelter for my bicycle?

It’s great to have multiple choices, as long as we also possess enough information for a correct decision: this also applies to our Shelter family. This family of frame protections offers different sizes, different thicknesses… but we realized we hadn’t quite explained our idea behind it. Basically there are three types of Shelter: Off-Road (thickness […] READ ALL
Effetto Mariposa

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