Tyreinvader is an anti-pinch-flat insert for tubeless tyres. Very simple to use and light, it saves your tyres and rims from hard impacts without interfering with the way your wheels behave.

Available in several widths, to fit rims and tyres from cyclocross, to Gravel to Plus.



  • Very light weight (starting at 53g for one 29” wheel) and high durability
  • Premium material (high density EVA) absorbs shocks but not sealant
  • Can be easily adapted to common wheel diameters (26”, 27.5”, 29”)
  • No need for specific tubeless valves


Why we created it

People riding aggressively on rocky terrain would often like to reduce tyre pressure for better traction and control, limited by the worry of “hitting hard”, pinching the tyre casing between the rim and a rock, cutting it and/or damaging the rim. That’s where tyre inserts (anti-pinch-flat inserts, tyre noodles, etc.) can be helpful. These product fit inside tubeless tyres and absorb a part of the impact, protecting tyre and rim. With Tyreinvader we want to offer an excellent yet simple solution, keeping weight and cost low


The weights for the different Tyreinvaders refer to the product uncut (for 29” wheels), so it’s even lower when adapted to 27.5” or 26” wheels.

  • Tyreinvader 35 = 48 g
  • Tyreinvader 40 = 53 g
  • Tyreinvader 50 = 68 g
  • Tyreinvader 55 = 80 g
  • Tyreinvader 60 = 92 g

Tolerance on nominal weight is + / – 5%


Great durability thanks to premium material

Tyreinvader is made of high density EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), a closed cell polymer commonly employed by the sport shoe industry: this material can resist heavy impacts with very little damage and is very durable.

We recommend to check Tyreinvader once a year or after hard riding sessions, and to replace it if needed.


EVA has a closed cell structure that cannot absorb any sealant, letting it free inside the tyre cavity.

Besides, the cut-outs of Tyreinvader allow the sealant to easily move around, to make sure punctures can be quickly fixed.

As inserts have surfaces that are wetted by the sealant, a fraction of it won’t be available to repair punctures. For this reason – also with Tyreinvader – we recommend to slightly increase the quantity of sealant normally employed, by 30 ml.

The cut-outs on Tyreinvader allow the sealant to move freely inside the tyre cavity, something that is much more difficult when using solid “donut-shaped” inserts.

Tyreinvader has been designed to function with our Caffélatex sealant, ammonia free.

Easy to assemble and mount

Just cut Tyreinvader following the instructions (for 27.5” and 26”; no need to cut for 29”), join its two ends with the two (provided) zip-ties, mount it inside the tyre (it will stretch a little to fit the wheel circumference), add sealant, go ride.

Our Tech Videos can help clear any doubt.

If needed, Tyreinvader can be first mounted on the wheel without tyre, to stretch and make successive mounting easier.

Real run flat behavior

Tyreinvader has been sized to sit tightly on the rim, so that – in case of emergency – it will push the tyre against the rim, allowing to ride short distances on the flat tyre. This should be considered an exceptional functioning mode, as we don’t recommend to ride Tyreinvader at zero pressure on purpose.

Compatible with any tubeless valve

The shape of Tyreinvader and a specific cut-out (to be positioned over the valve) make tyre inflation always easy, with any tubeless valve. No need for special tubeless valves.

Reduced influence on normal riding

Tyreinvader is flat and it will basically come into play only when needed (unlike round inserts that are compressed quite often during normal riding). We still recommend to test ride Tyreinvader before racing with it.

We don’t encourage the use of lighter tyres nor of much lower inflating pressure: Tyreinvader simply allows to set tyres up the way the rider likes them, without worrying about pinch flats.

Functional packaging

Tyreinvader is sold in pairs (so 2 pieces per pack, including 4 zip-ties to assemble them), inside a transparent bag. This bag can be used to safely store Tyreinvader after removing it, to avoid sealant stains. It can also be used for other purposes, like shopping or carrying little items.

What about the little aliens and the arcade font?

Who doesn’t remember SpaceInvaders? Even those who are too young for that can still learn about this staple in the video game history, and play it thanks to retrogaming. Besides, our product is actually invading the tyre, thus “Tyreinvader”.

The cut-outs serve several purposes: to save weight, to allow easy sealant flow and… to offer some cool branding/styling opportunities.

#tyreinvader #nevergameover

Tyreinvader is Made in Italy


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16 responses to “Tyreinvader – tyre insert

  1. I had high hopes with the invader, however have two pinch flats now since using the product.

    1. Hello John,
      I assume you use Tyreinvader 50 in your tyres, and that Tyreinvader was also cut when you had your pinch flats (so it was properly mounted and positioned).
      Tyreinvader is designed to prevent pinch flats, but the inflating pressure still plays the biggest role here. If you reduced your usual inflating pressure by much or you used skinnier-casing tyres than you normally do, it’s possible the impact was simply too high for Tyreinvader.
      You can still get pinch flats with tyre inserts, in the same way you can still get punctures with the best sealants… the entity of the damage can exceed what the product can fix.
      Not sure if the above provides an explanation that makes sense to you, I’m available for further comments

  2. Good Morning,

    I have a slightly older enduro bike that has 24mm external rim width, but I’m running 2.4″ tyres. I assume that I’d be better off going for the 40 rather than 50 because that will adequately cover the rim, and the insert will be snug enough inside the tyre due to the tension around the rim so that it won’t move, even through the tyre will be slightly wider than recommended. I assume my tyre profile is also narrower than a standard 2.4″ profile where the insert sits due to the narrow rim an that would also help keep it from moving.

    1. Hello Fred, thanks for your message.
      I recommend a Tyreinvader 50 for your set-up: the 40 would be too narrow for your tyres (Tyreinvader 40 is normally the choice of gravel riders on wide tyres).

  3. Do you think Tyreinvader 35 would work with DT Swiss RR511db 700c rims and 28mm tyres? Rims are 21/18mm external/internal width.

    1. Hello Tim, given its “flat” shape, Tyreinvader works if the tyre is wider than the rim.
      In the case you describe, the tyre is indeed wider than the rim, but I’m afraid Tyreinvader 35 would be too wide to fit into a 28 mm tyre. You would need a 30 mm Tyreinvader, a size we don’t make at the moment but we might consider for the future. If you decide to go the DYI way, you could trim a Tyreinvader 35 on one side, using a steel ruler and a very sharp cutter blade. Or, we could trim a TI35 for you if you buy it here (just mention this exchange in the notes)

  4. What size would you put in Enve AR 3.4 rims with 33mm tires and with 40mm tires?

    1. Hello Ben,
      interesting question! For Tyreinvader to work properly, there has to be a certain width difference between rim EXTERNAL section and tyre section.
      With a narrower (than your ENVE) rim, I’d recommend Tyreinvader 35 for 33 mm tyres and Tyreinvader 40 for 40 mm tyres.
      With ENVE AR 3.4 I would say no Tyreinvader with 33 mm tyres and Tyreinvader 40 with 40 mm tyres.
      Tyreinvader 35 *could* work… but with such a wide rim it’s difficult to position it properly, it runs the risk of getting partially inside the rim channel, preventing it to protect the rim.

    1. Tyreinvaders are very durable, first because they use shock-resistant EVA polymer and also because they’re not compressed during normal riding (like bigger volume, round section inserts).
      They can be damaged by big hits, though, so we recommend checking them after Enduro races or when replacing tyres.

    1. Each size (40, 50, 55 and 60) can go for any wheel diameter, simply cutting it to size. 29″ would be the Tyreinvader as it is, uncut. The Tyreinvader size you need is determined by rim width (measured externally) and tyre section.