Shelter ZeroDue 0,2 mm - Invisible frame protection

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***Buy a Shelter Roll and get an A4 for free! Add them both to your cart***

  • invisible protection against scratches
  • extreme lightweight
  • easy to apply, strong adhesion also on curved surfaces
  • doesn’t turn yellow over time
  • ideal for protecting carbon or metal parts

Shelter ZeroDue is a transparent scratch resistant adhesive tape. It provides a reliable protection to the carbon-fiber or metal structures it’s applied to. "ZeroDue" is great for protection of road bikes or surfaces mostly subject to wear and friction, like crank arms.


    How it works

    Shelter ZeroDue (0,2 mm thick) is great for protection of road bikes or surfaces mostly subject to wear and friction, like crank arms. Shelter Road (0,6 mm thick) is best for lighter off-road riding or gravel/cyclocross applications. Shelter Off-Road (1,2 mm thick) is the thickest Shelter, and it's perfect for heavier duty off-road riding.

    Super lightweight protection

    With just 12,8 grams for a full A4 sheet (210 x 297 mm), Shelter ZeroDue weighs just 0,02 grams per square centimeter!

    Unleash your creativity (or download our templates!)

    Instead of providing pre-cut kits, we decided to offer Shelter ZeroDue as A4 sheets (with a layer of removable printable paper on top): anyone can download the desired pdf cutting guide (below), print it directly on a Shelter ZeroDue A4 sheet (with any ink-jet printer) and cut the element using normal scissors. The printable paper layer can then be removed, and the Shelter ZeroDue element glued on the frame after peeling off its liner.
We added a yellow stripe on the printable paper on top, to take out the guesswork on “which side should I print it”.

    If someone prefers to create his/her custom protective element drawing with a pencil, that’s another perfect option… or the drawing part can be skipped altogether, directly cutting a protective element free-hand.

    Beside sheets, Shelter ZeroDue is also available as rolls.

    Download PDFs:

    Template Shelter ZeroDue roadkit

    Template Shelter ZeroDue down/top tube

    Template Shelter ZeroDue xc suspension fork

    Template Shelter ZeroDue blank

    Available sizes/formats

    • Shelter ZeroDue A4: it includes two Shelter ZeroDue sheets, A4 size.
    • Shelter ZeroDue Roll: recommended for enthusiasts, shops or teams. Sizes(*): 58 mm x 1 m; 80 mm x 1 m;  58 mm x 5 m; 80 mm x 5 m, 0,2 mm thick.

    (*) tolerance +/- 10% on width and length

    Easy to apply:

    Adhesion of Shelter is defined "semi-structural", so very strong but not permanent. After being applied, it takes Shelter 8 hours before developing its optimal bonding. After that, normal bicycle use or washing won’t affect it, but it can be removed – if needed – without damaging the underlying paint.

    Application of Shelter doesn't require special tools or procedures, just normal skills and patience:

    1. after removing cables or other interfering elements, clean the area where you want to apply Shelter with alcohol and a clean cloth. Remove traces of dried-up alcohol with another clean, dry cloth;
    2. take the suitable pre-cut Shelter element or cut a custom made Shelter piece, without removing the backing paper;
    3. make sure the element fits the area you want to protect and make sure your hands are clean. After that, completely remove the backing paper, freeing the adhesive surface (try not to touch the adhesive surface with your fingers, or do it as little as possible: being transparent, fingerprints might show);
    4. gently position Shelter on the area to protect, without applying pressure and without stretching the material. Re-position it if necessary, until it sits exactly where you want it. As this point, start applying an even pressure, working from the center and going towards the sides, to avoid trapping air bubbles and making wrinkles;
    5. work on the whole Shelter element to make it stick to the surface. Insist on the edges and on tight curved sections to make sure the adhesion is even.
    6. you can use your bicycle immediately after applying Shelter, remembering that the full adhesion is achieved after 8 hours.

    To remove Shelter, peel it off slowly, making sure not to delaminate it. Doing so, Shelter won't leave any trace of glue on the surface it was formerly attached to, even after several years.


    Shelter is transparent but won't turn yellowish over time, thanks to its UV-protection. It will even protect the underlaying frame paint from UV degradation.
 IMPORTANT: after the removal of Shelter, there may be differences in color between protected areas and not, in case of fluorescent paints or bright colors.

    Beware of copies

    There are laser-etched “Shelter Effetto Mariposa” logos inside Shelter structure, impossible to remove. Both “Effetto Mariposa” and “Shelter” are registered trademarks.

    Shelter is made in Italy.


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