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With its intense pine scent, Allpine Light is a biodegradable cleaner that will leave your bike clean and shiny. Its formula is very effective against dirt and does not require rinsing, making it ideal also for e-bikes.

  • Rapidly biodegradable, pine scented and extremely effective against dirt
  • Ideal for e-bikes, it can be used without rinsing with water in case of slight dirt, drying it with a cloth
  • In presence of mud or on a very dirty bicycle, spray the product abundantly and leave it to act for a few minutes before rinsing with water
  • It doesn’t contain silicones but leaves the surface shiny, with an anti-water and dirt-repellent effect
  • It doesn’t remove lubricant from the chain
  • Harmless to chrome, painted parts and carbon
  • It doesn’t require special disposal precautions (if in doubt, refer to the legislation in force)


Biodegradable and with a pine scent

Allpine Light is harmless to the environment but very effective against dirt. After using it, you can get on a clean bicycle with a nice pine scent: a good way to start an epic ride.

Ideal for e-bikes, no need to rinse

There are times when you are in a hurry and a quick cleaning is sufficient, or – especially for e-bikes - you want to limit the use of water close to electrical contacts. For these situations of moderate dirt, Allpine Light and a rag are enough to clean the bike, without the need to rinse with water.

Use without rinsing:

  1. Spray Allpine Light on a clean rag and wipe the entire frame.
  2. After cleaning, the surface will be shiny, with an anti-water and antistatic effect.

As it does not contain silicone, it avoids that annoying sticky effect which is a real dust magnet. The surface thus treated also facilitates the flow of water.

IMPORTANT: Allpine Light does not remove the lubricant from the chain, so it is not necessary to relubricate it after such a cleaning.

When the going gets tough, it doesn't hold back

If the bike is very dirty and / or muddy, you have to perform a serious cleaning.

Use with rinsing:

  1. Generously spray Allpine Light all over the bike.
  2. Wait a few minutes to let the product act.
  3. Rinse with plenty of water. A sponge or brush is recommended for an optimal result.
  4. Dry with a clean cloth. If needed, use more Allpine Light - without rinsing - to remove any streaks or traces of dirt.
  5. Lubricate the bicycle (chain, suspension, moving parts) after such a thorough cleaning.


Allpine Light is available in 1000 ml bottles with vaporizer, or as a refill without vaporizer (Allpine Light 1000 ml Recharge).

Made in Italy




What parts of my bike can I use Allpine Light for?

Allpine Light can be used on the entire bicycle, on any material. It is in fact harmless for chrome plating, painted parts and carbon… but also for natural or synthetic leather.

How should I use Allpine Light?

In case of mud and stubborn dirt: spray the product abundantly on the affected parts and leave it to act for a few minutes before rinsing with water.

In case of ordinary cleaning: Allpine Light can be used without rinsing with water, drying it with a cloth.

Should I use Allpine Light before or after lubricating the bike?

It is recommended to use Allpine Light before moving on to chain lubrication, but in the case of successive application, Allpine Light does not remove the lubricant.

What does Allpine Light contain?

Allpine Light contains completely biodegradable elements, therefore harmless to you and the environment.

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