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Carbomove is a release spray, acting at the same time as penetrating oil and as powerful solvent. It’s a great ally to free blocked components.

**Carbomove 200 ml is a spray product: we sell it directly from our e-shop only in Switzerland and Italy (but you can buy it in your Country, ask if you can't find it!)**

  • Carbomove is very effective to free any blocked component of the bike;
  • it’s the last resort to remove blocked aerodynamic seat-posts;
  • easily cleans Carbogrip traces;
  • doesn’t damage carbon composites or metals.


When to use it

If the bicycle components have been mounted professionally, using our Carbogrip or other specific assembly products, it's quite easy - for example - to modify the saddle height, even after some time.

On the other hand, if the components have been assembled ‘dry’ or not with the right products, repositioning or removing them can be a real challenge. There are ways to resolve the problem, but they all involve the use of brute force. Carbomove is a great help even in desperate cases, penetrating between the surfaces and facilitating their movement.

Typical applications

  • removal of a seat-post;
  • removal of threaded bottom brackets;
  • removal of aerodynamic extensions from their clamps;
  • removal of traces of glue from the frame (vinyl stickers);
  • removal of Carbogrip.

Example - using Carbomove for a seized seat-post

  1. Create a funnel by wrapping the seat tube with packing tape, leaving it open around the seized seat-post;
  2. spray abundantly Carbomove inside the funnel, in order to have the interface between seat-post and seat tube constantly moisted;
  3. let it rest for a few hours. If needed, spray more Carbomove if needed;
  4. check if the seat-post starts to move. If it’s still stuck, repeat from #2;

The length of insertion of the seat-post into the bicycle frame heavily affects the duration (and success) of the operation: if the seat-post is inserted for more than 20 cm, the task becomes very difficult. It is sometimes useful to turn the bicycle upside down, remove the bottom bracket and spray Carbomove inside the frame from there.

The worst case scenario is with aerodynamic seat-posts, whose section is not round. This means that their components cannot be twisted. In this case, Carbomove is the best and only option.


200 ml spray canister.

Carbomove is made in Italy.



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