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Wax-based lubricants are an efficient and clean way to lubricate bicycle chains. With its sunflower seed wax content, Flowerpower Wax uses natural ingredients for record-breaking performance and reliability, all this avoiding fluorinated compounds, graphene and sulphides.


  • Creates a solid layer of wax between the moving parts of the chain, reducing friction, noise and increasing the life of the chain
  • Unlike lubricating oils, it does not dirty clothes and resists contamination by dirt and dust very well
  • Thanks to the sunflower seed wax, it is very resistant to water and is ideal in any season, on and off-road
  • High wax to water ratio (over 50%!)
  • Rapidly biodegradable: it does not contain PTFE, sulphides, graphene or other chemicals harmful to the environment
  • Evaluated by Zero Friction Cycling as the best drip lubricant ever tested


The advantages of wax chain lubrication

We are all familiar with the classic lubricating oils, traditionally used in cycling. However, these products are subject to rapid contamination during use, collecting dust and dirt (hence the classic trace of black they leave) and over time becoming real abrasive pastes that reduce the life of the chain and – progressively - its efficiency (we are talking about several Watts of precious leg power wasted).

The use of lubricating waxes has become more and more widespread: the chain treated with these products does not dirty, runs silently for a long time and absorbs less power, all this while increasing the number of kilometers traveled before a chain has to be replaced. Water-based wax emulsions, such as Flowerpower Wax, bring great benefits, following some simple usage tips.

How Flowerpower Wax works

Flowerpower Wax creates a solid layer of wax that is interposed between the moving elements of the chain, reducing friction. It’s a water emulsion of natural waxy compounds, with the right viscosity to penetrate inside the chain links, where lubrication is most important. Once the water has evaporated, a thick layer of wax remains firmly anchored to the metal, creating a real anti-friction pad.

The chain will not be dry to the touch - given the layer of wax that also protects the outside - but it will not be greasy or sticky and will not retain dirt.

First application

Wax emulsions require a deep cleaning of the chain before they can be applied the first time. It is essential to remove any oily traces so that the emulsion comes in contact with the metal and can deposit a well-adhering layer of wax.
The thing is very simple using our Allpine Extra - an excellent degreaser designed for this purpose - and the Mangiacatena chain cleaner, equipped with rotating brushes. Thanks to these products it is not necessary to disassemble the chain to clean it thoroughly. Rinse the chain with water and dry it perfectly to complete cleaning.
Once this is done, after shaking the Flowerpower Wax bottle vigorously, apply a drop of product on each link of the chain. When each link has received its drop of wax, slowly turn the pedals (at least 10 complete revolutions) in order to allow the emulsion to penetrate inside. Leave to dry for at least 2-3 hours.
For the first application, repeat the lubrication process described above a second time (one drop of Flowerpower Wax per link, etc.). After waiting again for 2-3 hours to allow the water to evaporate, possibly clean the excess product on the outside of the chain with a cloth and you are ready to pedal.

Successive applications

As the kilometers accumulate, when the chain starts to become noisy, simply clean it with a dry cloth and reapply a drop of Flowerpower Wax on each link. Since the wax retains no or very little dirt, it is possible to continue to lubricate in this way without the need to degrease the chain, which is instead recommended in case of rides in muddy conditions or in the presence of sand. In that case it’s better restoring the initial conditions with Allpine Extra, rinse, dry and then proceed with a deep lubrication with Flowerpower Wax.
In normal use, we recommend lubricating the chain if needed after the usual cleaning of the bicycle, in order to find it ready for the next ride.

High percentage of wax

There can be major differences between water-based wax emulsions. While many competing products are around 30%, Flowerpower Wax exceeds 50%* of wax-to-water ratio. The result is the formation of a thicker anti-abrasion layer for the same quantity of emulsion applied, with great benefits in terms of durability and efficiency.
* percentage by weight (dry residue after evaporation of water)

The strength of sunflower seeds

The wax obtained from sunflower seeds has really interesting characteristics for cycling use. It adheres strongly to metal and is water-resistant, prolonging the effectiveness of lubrication even in the event of rain or involuntary washing (creek crossing etc.). It also has excellent mechanical properties, necessary to withstand the continuous stresses of pedaling.

Thanks to its formulation, Flowerpower Wax is ideal in any season, both on and off-road.

Without hazardous additives

We have decided to avoid adding further additives (such as PTFE and fluorinated compounds in general, graphene, sulphides, etc.) to keep Flowerpower Wax totally harmless to the health and environment, also because the current formula - among other things, vegan - has satisfied the most demanding testers and racers in the long development phase. Together with sunflower seed wax, other waxes of natural origin complete the lubricating mix. The emulsion is water-based without the addition of alcohol.

Format, tips for use and storage

Flowerpower Wax is available in 100 ml and 500 ml bottles. Shake well before use to allow the ingredients to mix evenly.

A single application of Flowerpower Wax allows you to travel up to 600 km on an asphalted road, in the absence of heavy rain. Off-road use may require more frequent chain lubrication.

Keeping the chain well lubricated allows you to optimize the life of the drivetrain and its efficiency in terms of power absorption.
Considering that a complete lubrication of the chain requires about 4 ml of product, a 100 ml bottle allows 25 lubrications, for a total up to 15'000 km traveled on the road.

Store and apply the product at a temperature between 5 and 35 ° C (41 - 95 ° F). Once applied to the chain, the temperature limits of use are those at which you decide to ride.

Evaluated by Zero Friction Cycling as the best drip lubricant ever tested

Read the whole story here.

Made in Italy





As a bicycle chain wax, how should Flowerpower be applied? 

Flowerpower needs to be applied directly on the chain, previously degreased and dried up, mounted on the bicycle, like a traditional lubricating oil. Thanks to its viscosity, Flowerpower Wax penetrates inside the chain links, no need to disassemble and immerse the chain (as it happens instead for melted wax).

On which types of chains can I use Flowerpower chain wax on?

Flowerpower is designed for any bicycle chain, from single speed to the most modern 12 or 13-speed drive chains

How Flowerpower chain wax should be applied for the first time?

After having degreased and dried up the chain well, apply a drop of Flowerpower Wax on each single link, along the entire length of the chain. Then make at least 10 pedal turns backwards to facilitate the penetration of the wax. Wait 2-3 hours before using the bicycle, so that the wax solidifies inside the links.

How should Flowerpower wax be applied later on?

For following applications, simply wipe the chain with a rag to remove dirt on the surface, and lubricate again each link. In case of sand or mud, degrease and wash the chain completely before lubricating it.

How long does the effectiveness of Flowerpower application last?

A single application allows you to ride about 600 km on the road (as measured by Zero Friction Cyling, Australia), without heavy rain. We recommend lubricating the chain as soon as the noise starts to increase.

What is the Flowerpower bicycle chain wax composition?

The formulation is secret, but we can say that it contains a mix of waxes of natural origin and sunflower seed wax. It does not contain further additives (no PTFE or fluorinated compounds in general, graphene, sulphides, etc.). Compared to many competing products which are around 30%, Flowerpower Wax contains a very high percentage of wax compared to water, over 50%! The result is the formation of a thicker anti-abrasion layer for the same product applied, with great benefits in terms of life and efficiency of the transmission.

Does Flowerpower wax expire? 

Flowerpower Wax does not expire if kept properly closed and away from sources of heat and UV rays. Shake well before use.

What is the difference compared to bicycle lube oils?

Being an aqueous wax emulsion, it is necessary to wait a few hours after application for the water to evaporate. Once the water has evaporated, a thick layer of wax remains firmly anchored to the metal, a real anti-friction pad. The chain will not be dry to the touch - given the layer of wax that also protects the outside - but it will not be greasy or sticky and will not retain dirt.

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