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Effetto Mariposa Bike Cover is all you need to make sure your bicycle doesn't leave a trail of dirt when taking it inside the house. Great to keep your car stain-free too.

  • Fits most road or gravel bikes
  • Easy to fit and machine-washable
  • Made in Italy


Fits most road or gravel bikes

The Bike Cover is made with high-quality, elastic Lycra fabric, to fit most road or gravel bikes. When fitting it, start by covering the front wheel from underneath, then stretch it to the other wheel. Wheels and transmission will be completely covered, with any dirt being kept inside the Bike Cover.

Taking your bicycle indoor - be it your house, hotel, public transportation or the trunk of a car - won't be a problem anymore.


Wash it as you do for technical cycling apparel, maximum 40°C/100°F.

Before washing, turn it inside out to make sure you get rid of solid dirt before it gets into your washing machine.

Easy to transport

When not in use, Bike Cover folds into its own carrying pocket.

Made in Italy

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