Espresso Strap Lungo - strap for cartridge

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Designed to attach Espresso Doppio inflate and repair cartridge to frame, Espresso Strap Lungo is a band with hook and loop, ideal to easily carry small items

  • 45 cm long, it is easily adaptable and versatile
  • stable fixing, also thanks to the internal secondary hook and loop strap
  • weight is just 24 g


Why we created it

With the advent of dropper seatposts and carbon frames with massive tubes, carrying an inflate and repair cartridge (or a spare inner tube) on a modern mountain bike requires a sufficiently long belt. Espresso Strap Lungo is perfect for attaching small objects to any frame.


Designed for the Espresso Doppio cartridge, Espresso Strap Lungo is ideal to carry inner tubes, mini-tools or a wind-breaker, attaching them to the frame.

Stable and secure fixing

Espresso Doppio Lungo is equipped with a secondary hook and loop strap, in order to make the transported objects very stable even on the worst trails, still easy to reach in case of need.
An additional anti-slip and anti-scratch layer is positioned at the point of contact with the frame. The main belt is made of polypropylene, to guarantee strength and reliability.

Light weight

Despite the sturdy construction and the details (the secondary strap, the anti-slip element), the weight is only 24 grams.


Length 45 cm, width 3 cm.


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