Espresso Strap - strap for cartridge

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Designed for Espresso and Espresso Doppio cartridges, Espresso Strap is a polyvalent adapter to securely fasten small cylindric objects to a bicycle.

  • incredibly adaptable and polyvalent
  • stable fastening action
  • lightweight



Espresso Strap has been designed to secure Espresso or Espresso Doppio to a bicycle, independently from frame/tubes shapes and sizes.
It turned out it can be used to securely fasten any small cylindric object (pumps, CO2 cartridges…) to a bicycle stem or seatpost, or to other small frame tubes.

Fast and stable fastening

Thanks to the soft rubber element and to the strong velcro strap, unwanted cartridge release is virtually impossible.

Light weight

The totally reliable clamping comes with a weight of just 20 g.

Made in Italy.

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