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OctoPlus Kit is a universal pad-replacement kit for bicycle helmets, inspired in its shape by octopus legendary grabbing ability. 
OctoPlus Kit can be used as a personalized and comfortable upgrade to any helmet, or as an effective way of replacing worn-out pads of an otherwise perfectly functional helmet.

  • It’s the only universal pad-replacement kit for bicycle helmets;
  • it’s easy to use
  • it’s easy to customize;
  • it’s machine washable.



The main star-shaped element can be easily adapted to any road cycling or cross-country helmet, providing optimal comfort. In case any of its arms obstruct the helmet air vents, they can be cut (using common kitchen scissors) without compromising the functionality of the whole star-shaped pad.


Several additional padding elements allow to get a customized fit; all you have to do is just position them exactly on pressure points. Your old helmet has never been this comfortable before!


OctoPlus Kit is not just a replacement helmet pad kit; it also includes a very comfortable chin pad and ten adhesive velcro elements, in order to perfectly secure the pads inside the helmet and to allow to position them exactly where they are needed.

Made to last, using the best materials

When we think of functionality and quality, we don’t take shortcuts. OctoPlus Kit pads are made using high-quality foam to give you the best in terms of comfort, durability and sweat-resistance. External fabric is made with non-allergic, technical textile that undergoes antimicrobial treatment. OctoPlus Kit is even more versatile, because it’s completely machine washable.

Made in Italy.



Customer Reviews

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These pads are great!

Whoever designed the shapes needs an award - they fit any and all helmets and head sizes.

Finally got rid of my old pads and these revitalize my helmet and it feels like new again!

Thank you so much

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