Portatutto - tool bottle

Portatutto - tool bottle

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Portatutto is a transparent tool bottle, very functional and simple. We also use Portatutto as functional packaging for Caffélatex tubeless conversion Kits.


Practical in use

Sometimes the simplest ideas are also the best ones. Portatutto allows to carry - protected from water and dust - tools and small objects we might need during a ride, avoiding to carry them in a backpack or in the jersey pockets.

Being transparent, you won’t have to guess which tools or spares you’re carrying.

What to carry

Portatutto (the Italian word for “carry it all”) can be used to accommodate tools, keys, spare tubes, a wind breaker… and any other small object you might need.

Fits standard bottle cages.


750 ml.

Portatutto is made in Italy.

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