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Easy and convenient bike cleaning without water, Effetto Mariposa Cleaning Set

During the summer season, bicycles are heavily polluted by the weather. The bike is pickled by the endless sweat, and the frame, wheels, and drivetrain screaming with muddy water and dust accumulated as it passes through the puddle. A dirty bike can frown, but it also reduces performance and adversely affects durability, so cleaning and lubrication should restore the bike's condition. However, cleaning, maintenance, and after-treatment of the bicycle after riding require as much effort as riding.
Effetto Mariposa, a brand specializing in bicycle parts, has released degreasers, cleaners, chain cleaners, chain waxes, and brushes for washing and lubricating bicycles so that bicycle maintenance can be completed easily, and plant-derived ingredients help users and the environment.

Allpine Extra Degreaser

The degreaser is an essential product for washing bicycles and is used to wipe off dirt as well as grease and lubricants. In particular, clean the chain with a degreaser before lubricating the chain. In order to use wax lubricating oil, foreign substances and oils from the chain must be completely removed. Residual foreign matter can interfere with the penetration of wax into the chain pins and rollers, which can reduce performance. 

Allpine Extra Degreaser, as the name suggests, is a degreaser made using oil extracted from pine. 
Pine oil is mainly used as a material for air fresheners (diffusers, candles) in Korea, but is also used as a cleaner abroad. Because it is extracted from pine, it has the refreshing scent of pine and has excellent cleaning effects, sterilization and deodorization, etc., so it is being commercialized as a multi-purpose cleaner product. Allpine Extra Degreaser is used to clean disc rotors along with chains and drivetrains, as it leaves no oil on the surface after rinsing with water thanks to a plant-derived surfactant Effetto Mariposa introduces it as an ideal degreaser for cleaning before applying wax-based lubricants. 

When cleaning the chain with Allpine Extra, it is recommended to remove the chain and put it in a container to clean it or use a chain cleaner. After cleaning with degreaser, rinse with water, dry well and lubricate.
Clean the sprockets, chainrings, and derailleurs using a cog brush, toothbrush, or shoelace, and rinse with water.

Chain Cleaner & Cog Brush

If you are cleaning chains and sprockets with the Allpine Extra Chain Degreaser, it is effective to use Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner and Cog Brush together.
First of all, Manjiakatina Chain Cleaner looks similar to other chain cleaners, but 6 rotating brushes inside wash the chain evenly from 4 directions, and clean the sides with a lamella structure like a bulkhead at both entrances.
Above all, the advantage of Manjiacatina is that it minimizes the amount of degreaser required to clean the chain. And the rotating brush inside is easily detached for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Effetto Mariposa Cog Brush is a highly abrasion-resistant nylon brush and rake, suitable for cleaning chains, chainrings, cassette sprockets, and pulleys.

Allpine Light Cleaner

Allpine Light Cleaner is a cleaner for washing the entire bike, and its feature is that it can be used without water. Since it does not use water, there is no problem with electric drivetrains or E-bikes.
In addition, it does not dissolve the lubricating components of the chain and does not affect chrome, paint, carbon, etc. The actual rims and brake pads did not affect the brake performance even if they were wiped with a cleaner.
Effetto Mariposa recommends that if the contamination is severe, spray enough cleaner, then rinse with water after a few minutes, and wipe with a clean cloth.

Allpine Light Cleaner uplifts the mood with a strong pine scent along with a cleaner bike.

Flowerpower Wax

Flowerpower Wax contains wax extracted from sunflower seeds, as inferred from the sunflower picture on the product. 
Flowerpower Wax is in the form of an aqueous emulsion containing 50% or more of wax without other chemical components, and it easily penetrates into the pins and rollers of the chain. lasts
In normal road driving, it can drive 300 km after lubrication, and a bottle can lubricate up to 25 times.

Cumbersome cleaning made easy

Effetto Mariposa cleaning products cut the annoyance by more than half because you don't need water once and you don't have to bring your bike into the bathroom. Sprinkle all-fine light on the contaminated area and wipe it off with a cloth. Since it does not affect the chain, frame, or wheels, there is no need to worry about spraying the cleaner. 
The chain cleaning also uses the biodegradable Allpine Extra, which has less odor and is easy to degrease after use. In addition, if you have Mangiacatena Chain Cleaner, you can minimize the amount of degreaser and it is economical.

Washing a bicycle is usually done on a rainy day because there is nothing to do, but sometimes it is reluctant to put up with it. However, 20 minutes is enough to keep the bike in good condition with the Effetto Mariposa cleaning set. What's more, it's eco-friendly and the scent of pine is added, so there's nothing better.