Road Bike Rider, USA 01.2024

Quick Look At Effetto Mariposa’s Promising New Chain Products

By Jim Langley

I haven’t had a chance to test these two new products from Effetto Mariposa yet but allow me to provide a few exciting details. Plus the background on why I believe you might want to try them.

The samples they sent are their Flowerpower wax-based lube (it features sunflower seed wax) and their biodegradable Allpine EXTRA degreaser (it uses pine oil).

I haven’t used them because I want to follow their instructions and thoroughly clean my chain first. And I want to do it with their Mangiacatena snap-over-the-chain type tool (no need to remove the chain) I requested the tool only today. Once I receive it and have a chance to use everything I’ll let you know how the three products work.

I’ve used other Effetto Mariposa products
Even though these products are new to me, I have used several Effetto Mariposa products over the years including their excellent Giustaforza torque wrench, which is on my workbench, always at the ready. It also graced every work station at United Bicycle Institute (, where I took the hydraulic disc brake class in the fall

We reviewed the Giustaforza when it first came out years ago – it’s been upgraded and improved since. Here’s the original review: .

Effetto Mariposa products are sold by Cantitoe Road, which is the company supplying samples to us:

Butterfly Effect
In case you’re wondering what the name means, and I’ll quote them, Effetto Mariposa “is a hybrid of Italian and Spanish meaning butterfly effect – it symbolizes the notion that small things can make a big difference.”

Having relied on their torque wrench for years and having used their tubular tire glue solvent (for cleaning tubular rims) and gluing tape too, I’ve experienced first hand what they mean and in the best way. So while I haven’t tested this new cleaner and lube yet, I believe it does what they say and I’m looking forward to testing it properly.

Impressive Testing Results
I’m also jumping the gun and telling you about it in advance of trying it because the new lube has already proved its mettle in Zero Friction’s tests. If you haven’t heard of Zero Friction Cycling, I think you’ll enjoy visiting their website and diving into their incredible knowledge base:

Because of Zero Friction’s testing, I’ve been using several different chain lubes over recent years that were all highly rated. The first one was NixFrixshun. Next was SILCA’s Super Lube. And on another bike, I’m using Squirt.

Now that Effetto’s Flowerpower wax lube has topped the test chart, it’ll be next and I’ll run it on my gravel bike. Mixed terrain is a good test for wax based lubes. If we get any rain this winter, that’ll work the lube even more.

Once I clean the chain with their Allpine degreaser and Mangiacatena tool, I’ll be able to coat the chain and get riding. What appeals to me about Allpine is that it’s biodegradable and also that simply by rinsing with water the chain comes out spic and span and ready for the Flowerpower to go on. Plus their chain cleaner has seals on the ends which could make for less of a mess.

So please stand by and I’ll tell you more after testing. In the meantime, if you have a favorite chain lube, cleaner and on-the-bike chain cleaner tool, please share them in a comment. The subject of chain care is near and dear to most roadies and I’m sure others will find your recommendations helpful.