Discover the Evolution: Giustaforza 1-8 vs. Giustaforza 1-15 Pro & Pro Evo Torque Wrenches

Cycling enthusiasts and professional mechanics alike have long appreciated the precision and reliability of the Giustaforza 1-8 torque wrench. Designed specifically for bicycle applications, this tool has set the standard for controlled tightening of sensitive bolts in tight spaces. Now, the new Giustaforza 1-15 Pro and Giustaforza 1-15 Pro Evo models bring enhanced features and expanded capabilities, marking a significant leap forward in torque wrench technology. Let's explore the major differences and new features of these advanced tools.

Giustaforza 1-8: The Benchmark for Precision in tight spaces

The Giustaforza 1-8 torque wrench is renowned for its small, non-ratcheting head, allowing it to operate in tight spaces with ease. Its torque capacity ranges from 1 to 8 Nm, making it ideal for very sensitive bolts where precise torque settings are crucial. With a lightweight aluminum body weighing less than 140 grams and a length of just 145 mm, this tool offers excellent feedback at low torque values.

Key Features:

  • Small, Non-Ratcheting Head: Designed for tight spaces.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Weighs under 140 grams.
  • High Precision: Torque range from 1 to 8 Nm with 0.25 Nm resolution.
  • Durability: Hard-anodized aluminum body with laser-etched inscriptions.
  • User-Friendly: Audible 'CLICK' and 5° free-movement indicating torque reached.
  • No Batteries: Mechanical click-type operation, ensuring reliability.

Giustaforza 1-15 Pro: Advanced Precision for Professionals

Building on the legacy of the 1-8, the Giustaforza 1-15 Pro offers a broader torque range of 1 to 15 Nm and introduces several enhancements for professional use. This model features a red anodized finish and a reversible ratcheting head, significantly improving productivity in professional working environments.

Major Upgrades:

  • Reversible Ratcheting Head: Allows for faster and more efficient operation.
  • Increased Torque Range: 1 to 15 Nm, suitable for a wider range of applications.
  • Micrometric Scale: Precise torque setting with a resolution of 0.1 Nm.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighs under 210 grams, with a length of 173 mm.
  • High Durability: Meets DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B 107.300-2010 quality standards.
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Giustaforza 1-15 Pro Evo: Ultimate Versatility and Precision

The Giustaforza 1-15 Pro Evo takes the Pro model's innovations a step further, adding bi-directional calibrated tightening. This model is designed for both clockwise and counter-clockwise controlled tightening, catering to the most demanding professional needs.

Enhanced Features:

  • Bi-Directional Calibration: Calibrated for both clockwise and counter-clockwise tightening, providing versatility and precision in both directions.
  • Slick Oil Finish: Ensures a premium look and feel.
  • Same Lightweight and Durable Design: Under 210 grams and 173 mm in length, with the same hard-anodized aluminum body and high precision.

Comparison at a Glance

Feature Giustaforza 1-8 Giustaforza 1-15 Pro Giustaoforza 1-15 Pro Evo
Torque Range 1-8 Nm 1-15 Nm 1-15 Nm
Head Type Non-ratcheting Reversible ratcheting Reversible ratcheting
Bi-Directional No No Yes
Finish Hard-anodized aluminum Red anodized Slick oil finish
Weight <140 g <210 g <210 g
Lenght 145 mm 173 mm 173 mm
Scale Resolution 0.25 Nm 0.1 Nm 0.1 Nm
Calibration Service Every 5000 cycles (50 CHF) Every 5000 cycles (50 CHF) Every 5000 cycles (50 CHF)



The Giustaforza 1-8 is a solid choice for home mechanics for its high constructive quality, unsurpassed portability and ability to operate in tight spaces. With a range from 1 to 8 Nm, it covers all the sensitive bolts on very lightweight components.
The Giustaforza 1-15 Pro and Giustaforza 1-15 Pro Evo torque wrenches offer expanded torque ranges over Giustaforza 1-8, with enhanced features for professional use and improved scale resolution. The Pro Evo model, with its bi-directional calibration, stands out as the ultimate tool for the most demanding bicycle maintenance tasks.

Whether you're a professional mechanic or a dedicated cycling enthusiast, both Giustaforza 1-8 and Giustaforza 1-15 provide the precision, durability and ease of use needed to ensure every bolt is perfectly tightened.

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