Road Cycling: Exploring the Benefits of Caffélatex Tubeless Sealant and Vitamina CL for Road Bicycles

When it comes to road cycling, finding the right tyre sealant for high-pressure road tubeless tyres is crucial. Caffélatex sealant and Vitamina CL are game-changers in this. The winning combination of these two has the ability to seal larger holes, to reduce repair time, and to minimize pressure loss, making this powerful duo a valuable tool for road cyclists seeking a smooth and worry-free riding experience.

On this topic, we’ve consulted Mikey Van Kruiningen, head mechanic of Intermarché Circus Wanty team, who is daily taking tubeless equipment to the limit in pro-tour professional racing.

Is a different sealant required for the high pressures used in road cycling?

For all our rides, we use Caffélatex and add Vitamina CL to all wheels. It effectively fixes punctures. Our standard procedure for 28 mm tyres involves using 1 scoop of Vitamina CL (V-CL) with 50 ml of Caffélatex sealant.

Does it improve the ability to repair at higher pressure compared to standard Caffélatex?

Yes: since we started using Vitamina CL, we have experienced many instances where holes were sealed without us even realizing it, until we saw the traces on the frame later.

This is particularly beneficial for our team as we use GP5000 TT tyres extensively this year: they are lighter and faster rolling compared to GP5000 S TR, but a bit more prone to flats.

In your experience, is it more difficult to have a quick puncture repair with road tyres?

It can be a bit challenging with low air volume and high pressure. However, we have found that with Vitamina CL and Caffélatex, using 28 mm tyres and pressures around 5.0 bar, it works great. We simply need to maintain these parameters!

Whether you're a professional racer or a passionate road cyclist, consider harnessing the benefits of Caffélatex sealant with Vitamina CL, saying goodbye to puncture-induced setbacks!

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