Caffélatex Tubeless Strip – tubeless rim strip

Caffélatex Tubeless Strip is a very light, puncture-proof and transparent tubeless rim strip that makes tubeless conversions quick and easy. Strip allows tubeless conversion of most standard bicycle wheels, using Tubeless or Tubeless-Ready tyres and Caffélatex or Végétalex sealant.
For Plus or Fat size rims, see Caffélatex Tubeless Strip Plus/Fat.



  • The easiest way to perform a tubeless conversion
  • Very light tubeless rim strip
  • Damage-resistant
  • Long lasting, it can be moved from one wheel to another
  • Extended range of widths


Tubeless conversion, made easy

Caffélatex Strip is the ultimate tubeless solution for very difficult rims (for example, aluminum rims with mat surface finishing, rims with very deep channel, pin-joined rims where the junction is not welded etc.). This because Strip isn’t adhesive: it’s made in one piece and relies on its elasticity to sit tight on the rim.

Please note: sorry, Strip won’t work on asymetric rims with off-center valve hole.

To convert a rim to tubeless, simply remove the existing rim-strip, choose the appropriate Strip size and follow the following easy steps:

  1. (OPTIONAL STEP) Use a roll of electrician tape and seal the spoke holes of the rim. This just in order to create an additional protection to prevent sealant from getting inside the rim inner chamber, in the unlikely case the Strip moves and let some liquid go through.
  2. Insert the provided Caffélatex Tubeless Valve in the hole of Strip, so that the rubber base is in contact with Strip.
  3. Secure Strip to the rim, tightening the nut on the valve stem. It’s important to push the valve base against the rim while doing so, to achieve a proper air-tightness.
  4. Keeping the wheel with the valve at 12 o’ clock, finish mounting Strip onto the rim.
    With a screwdriver or a similar tool, center Strip inside the rim channel.
  5. Add tubeless tyre,Caffélatex or Végétalex sealant, inflate, ride.

Additional details in the tech video down below.


Being thin (0,8 mm) and strong, Strip only weighs 30 g (for S 26″/27,5″), making it weight-wise competitive with adhesive tubeless tapes (ranging between 9 and 20 g per wheel) and simply superior to old butyl tubeless rim strips (with limited strength and adding over 65 g per wheel). Weights(*) for a single Strip are:

  • Strip S 26″/27,5″: 35 g
  • Strip S 29″: 45 g
  • Strip M 26″/27,5″: 45 g
  • Strip M 29″: 55 g
  • Strip L 26″/27,5″: 55 g
  • Strip L 29″: 65 g

(*) tolerance +/- 10% on nominal weight

Highly resistant to damage and puncture

The special polymer employed in its construction makes Strip highly resistant to damage and puncture. It’s also very stable from a chemical standpoint and cannot be damaged by Caffélatex or other non-chemically-aggressive tyre sealants.

WARNING: using sealants containing aggressive chemicals or ammonia, or cleaning the rim with aggressive chemical products can damage Caffélatex Tubeless Strip and may represent dangers to the user. We recommend using only Caffélatex or Végétalex sealants, or Espresso / Espresso Doppio inflate & repair cartridges with Caffélatex Tubeless Strip.

Long lasting

Something you can do with Strip that you simply can’t with adhesive tubeless tapes: moving Strip from one rim to another. 
As the Strip material is very durable, its lifespan can exceed the one of the rim it’s mounted on, and can it be removed and mounted on another rim. Strip can also be removed and mounted on the same rim if a spoke needs to be replaced.

Available sizes

Caffélatex Tubeless Strip is available in three widths:

  • S (25 mm): for rims with internal width between 16 and 20 mm;
  • M (30 mm): for rims with internal width between 20 and 25 mm;
  • L (35 mm): for rims with internal width between 25 and 30 mm..

For Plus and Fat size rims, see Caffélatex Tubeless Strip Plus/Fat.

Each width (S, M, L) is available in two length options, to fit different wheel diameters (26”/27,5” or 29”), for a total of six options.
Strip is sold as kits containing two rim strips and two Caffélatex Tubeless Valves Black 40 mm (for rims up to 37 mm of height), 2 wheels per kit.

Max pressure for Strip is 7 bar (100 psi), making it suitable also for wider road tyres (starting at 28mm of width).


Why introducing the Strip when you already have a tubeless conversion Tape?

For most applications adhesive tubeless tape is great, and it will always be lighter than a tubeless rim strip. A layer of our Tape weights around 10 g per wheel, our Strip is around 30 (but note that a butyl rim strip is around 65g).
However, tape requires time and some basic mechanical skills to be installed properly: Strip can be mounted in a couple of minutes and will work flawlessly even with deep-channel rims or low adhesion rim finishing.

Unlike adhesive tapes that stay inside the rim channel, the Strip climbs on rim internal walls and in some cases can be seen from the outside, when the tyre is mounted. Why?

The idea is to create air tightness between the tyre and the Strip.
This is especially useful for pin-joined rims: in those, the junction is not welded, and sealing the spoke holes in the rim channel is not enough as sealant/air can seep through the rim walls at the junction. Strip is born to be the ‘no problem’ tubeless converter!

The Strip is puncture proof. Why?

Being resistant to cuts/puncture, the Strip is immune to the tyre-lever damages that are so common on butyl tubeless liners or taped rims. The puncture resistance becomes more relevant when using the Strip on cut-out rims for Fat bikes.

My rim has a Schrader valve hole (diam. 8,5 mm). Should I use a valve adapter?

Strip will easily convert any Schrader-drilled rim with no need for any adapter (just use the provided tubeless valve and insert it in the Strip before mounting it on the rim, as described above).

Made in Italy.

| Set up your new wheels with Effetto Mariposa: Guide 1/2/3 Step |

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37 responses to “Caffélatex Tubeless Strip – tubeless rim strip

  1. hi
    I’d like to convert some old 26″ mtb rim brake wheels to tubeless , in order to run a slick 26″ road tyre
    would this be possible with on one of your rim strips + would it be safe at road pressures please?
    kind regards

    1. Hi,
      conversion is possible, but we recommend the use a tubeless tyre for road riding on those wheels.
      Our Strip can stand a maximum of 7 bar/100 psi, but that can be too much for old rims that were originally intended for off-road use. Depending on the section of the slick tyre, staying below 4 bar/60 psi is probably the safest. Best regards.

  2. I have 29mm intermal width Asymmetric carbon rims. I wanted to use these rims strips instead of tape. The valve hole in these asymmetric rims is off-center. Will this be a problem for the caffelatex rim strips? I assume the valve hole in the caffelatex strip is centered in the middle of the strip? Thanks

    1. Hello Jon, unfortunately -as you correctly guessed- the valve hole is centered in the Strip, and that won’t work well with asymmetric rims. We wouldn’t recommend Strip for asymmetric rims, sorry.

  3. Hi! For non-tubeless, pinned rims with an internal width of 25 mm would you recommend the Medium or Large size? It is right between the 2 sizes so I feel unsure as to which to choose. What is the actual width of size Large?


    1. Hi! Actual width of Strip L is 35 mm, while Strip M is 30.
      Yes, internal rim width of 25 mm is between two sizes… but with Strip, when in doubt, it’s better to choose the bigger size. While tubeless tapes are simply sealing the spoke holes, tubeless rim strips are supposed to seal the whole rim inner channel, providing air tightness when in direct contact with the tyre. That’s especially important with pinned rims, as you correctly noted. So, Strip M *might* work, but I’d personally go for Strip L. Cheers!

  4. 29″ Clincher MTB wheels (Cube branded Alex ZX20 rims), with 20mm internal rim width and 25mm external rim width. What rim strip would be recommended?

    Size S 29, or Size M 29?


    1. Sorry for this late reply Brian, and thanks for your message!
      20mm internal is really on the edge… I’d say go for M: with Strip (and tubeless rim strips in general) it’s better to be slightly wider than slightly narrower.
      Additional tip: to make sure no degreaser contaminates Strip through the spoke holes when you wash your bicycle, you might want to seal the rim bed with a tour of electrical tape before mounting Strip.

      1. Thanks for the reply Alberto.
        I’ll go for a pair in M 29″ size :-). I’ve currently sealed the rim bed with some tubeless tape, although the current rubber tubeless strips I’m using are looking rather perished in under a years use.

          1. A couple of years on from fitting the pair of M 29″ rim strips, absolutely zero issues with the converted rims, running with tubeless ready tyres. I replaced the sealant this evening (7th June 2021), and the Caffelatex strip is still in good condition!

  5. Regarding your Caffelatex Tubeless Strip.

    I have rim that’s 35mm external width and 30.5mm internal width. Would you recommend the Strip Large or the Plus Small?

    Best regards

    1. Hey Thor,
      that’s very much on the edge between these two sizes… officially we suggest “Plus S” for rims with internal width between 30 and 35 mm, “L” for 25-30 mm… so it’s “Plus S”. Thanks for your question!

  6. I am using the DT Swiss XR391 rims with 25mm internal width. Should I purchase the small or medium strip?

  7. Hello,

    What are the actual widths of the S and M rimstrips? External rim width is not a factor when it comes to the correct internal widths. The rim bead varies greatly from aluminum and carbon as well as by company.

    1. Hello: Strip S is 25mm wide, M is 30mm.
      As for your comment re. internal vs. external rim width passing from aluminum to carbon, you’re absolutely right, and we are going to modify our communication referring to internal width only. Thanks!

    1. Hi Gregorz,
      you can use our Tubeless Strip also on rims with a Schrader valve hole (so, not with the small 6,5 mm Presta hole, but around 8,5 mm as required for Schrader valves):
      just fit the (provided) Presta tubeless valve in the Strip and mount it on the rim.

  8. Hi,

    I want to use this on Velocity Aileron 700c (21 internal, 25 external), but you only have 26″/27.5″ and 29″, which one will work on my rim? As for the width, I presume I’d have to go with M?

    1. Hello Jossy, 29″ is equivalent of 700c, so that’s the one you’ll need. As for the width: although the “S” might just work, yes, the “M” is the safest option.

  9. Hello. I’m planning 700×32 tubeless tyre mounting on a pair of Felt RSL3 TR disc wheels (ext. width 22 mm), using these strips. Are they suitable for road wheels? Do you confirm putting tape under the strip is unuseful?

    1. Hello, even if you could avoid it, you can certainly put adhesive tape under the Strip. The only drawback is that this will furtherly increase the effective diameter of the rim channel (given the thickness of tape + Strip), making some tires more difficult to mount.
      As for using Strip S on your Felt disc wheels: there’s no problem, just be aware that – given the way Strip works – the Strip might climb a little on the rim channel walls, or even show slightly from the outside. This is normal and won’t compromise safety of functioning.
      Unlike (adhesive) tapes, a tubeless rim strip must be in contact with the tire talon to ensure air-tightness.

  10. sorry your measurements are wrong. on a hed ardennes + (25mm external) there is no way to get a M size strip to align in the rim without blocking the bead from seating, and it does not allow the tire to seat evenly. Wasted $35 USD to find this out but it is a fact. external width does not provide a good measurement.

    1. Even if the Strip climbs up on the internal of the rim channel it won’t prevent the bead from seating.
      Infact, the Strip might come up and show from the outside, and still provide a proper functioning at road tubeless pressures (below 100 psi).
      I agree with you that tubeless tapes are normally just covering the bottom of the rim channel, sealing the spoke holes… but the Strip (and tubeless rim strips in general) is functioning in a different way and the tire talon must be in contact with it to provide a proper sealing. That’s why our Strip covers a wider rim surface than our T.less Tape.

  11. Hello,

    I have a pair of shimano mt15 wheels (pinned rim joint) I’d like to convert. I made two strips of soft plastic to test fit: one 25mm wide and one 35mm wide (as I understand, the same sizes as the Small and Medium Caffelatex strips), and pressing those into the rim, the Medium sticks up and covers the bead hooks, but the Small just reaches to the sidewalls. Which is preferable? For reference, the rims measure external width 25mm and then internally, 19mm wide, 7mm tall sidewalls, and 10.3mm deep to the spoke bed.

    1. Hi Eric,
      our “M” strip is 30 mm wide and it’s the one we’d recommend for rims with external width between 25 and 29 mm.

  12. Hello,
    What is the thickness of the rim strip material? About 1mm?
    Is there any issue using tape in conjunction with these tubeless strips, or would that be unnecessary added weight?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello,
      correct, our Strip has a thickness of 0,8 mm.
      You can add the Strip over Tubeless Tape, it will work… but it’s overkill (Strip or Tape can each function alone, you’ll be carrying unnecessary weight).

    1. The answer is yes: just fit the provided tubeless valve as described in the instructions and the air tightness will be good at tubeless pressures (up to 3 bar/ 45 psi). The conic adapters we normally supply with our valves are needed with tubeless tape… but the strip fits very tightly on the valve rubber sleeve, the valve alone provides already a perfect air tightness. Being able to fit also schrader-drilled rims was important while developping the Strip. We’ll highlight this in the strip webpage above, thanks for your question!

  13. Hello,
    i have a 24,6 mm rim (mavic crossride 29 wheels)
    it does not have deep-channel,
    what size should i buy, S or M?

    1. Hello, between 24 and 25mm both sizes (S and M) are ok but, give the shallow channel, I’d say Strip S is enough.