Eau de Carogna - Adhesion primer

Eau de Carogna - Adhesion primer

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Surfaces cleanliness is paramount for proper adhesion. In cycling, cyclocross tubulars need perfect gluing, only achievable when both rim and tubular surfaces are clean and ready. Eau de Carogna prepares the tubular base tape for state of the art adhesion.

50 ml

Eau de Carogna cleans the tubular base tape, optimizing adhesion to Carogna tape Cyclocross specific, but ideal whenever tubulars are used at low pressure


Optimizing adhesion to Carogna tape

Not all tubulars are created equal, and the material and finishing used for tubular base tape can vary a lot among the different brands.
 As far as Carogna tubular tape is concerned, this variability is not a problem if tubulars are inflated at high pressure and mounted correctly. In cyclocross, due to the very low inflating pressures, extra care should be taken.
Cyclocross tubulars of the main brands (Clement, Tufo, Vittoria, Dugast, FMB, Challenge, Schwalbe, etc.) have been glued and raced with success with Carogna tape, but the base tape ability to ‘stick’ can be largely altered by transportation, storage, humidity and cleaning products, especially with unprotected, natural cotton base tapes.
Eau de Carogna is a gluing primer, preparing the tubular base tape to properly and quickly bond to Carogna glue: one less thing to worry about, preparing cyclocross wheels for race day (read how to properly glue cyclocross tubulars with Carogna here).

Ideal whenever tubulars are used at low pressure

Eau de Carogna is not needed for road applications (given the high inflating pressure, ideal for a pressure-activated adhesive tape) but might be an additional guarantee for cyclocross and other off-road practices (like Gravel riding), where tubulars are inflated at lower pressure and rely largely on glue strength for their functioning.

Easy to apply

Eau de Carogna comes in a squeezable bottle with a silicone tip, and can be applied directly onto the tubular base tape, on its whole circumference. Let dry for some minutes before mounting the tubular.


available as 50 ml bottle.


How many tubulars can be treated with a 50 ml bottle of Eau de Carogna?

This depends a lot on the width and porosity of the tubular base tape. It’s realistically between 2 and 4 tubulars.

Does it have an expiry date?

We warranty it for two years from the date of opening, if closed correctly.

Made in Italy.

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