Giustaforza recalibration service

Giustaforza recalibration service

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We offer a special recalibration service for all Giustaforza torque wrenches, no matter how old they are!


What is included in the Giustaforza recalibration service: 

  • Precise calibration: Your tool will return with accurate calibration for maximum precision in your operations.
  • Thorough cleaning: We'll perform a comprehensive cleaning, removing any residues and ensuring it's in perfect condition.
  • Professional lubrication: Professional lubrication will be applied to ensure your torque wrench functions smoothly.
  • Calibration Certificate: You will receive an official calibration certificate, providing full traceability for your torque wrench.

Furthermore, our recalibration service offers:

  • Fast turnaround: We aim for quick processing within 10 days so you can get back to using your tool promptly.
  • Longevity: Most Giustaforza wrenches can be recalibrated multiple times and last for many years, offering exceptional long-term value.

Before sending us your torque wrench, please inform us if it has encountered specific issues. We want to ensure recalibration is the right choice for you. For example, if your wrench has suffered significant damage, such as a broken adjusting knob due to a fall, it may not be suitable for recalibration.


After purchasing the Recalibration service, simply pack your torque wrench securely inside a padded envelope. No need to include any additional parts or original packaging. For customs purposes, you can declare a nominal value below €10 and describe it as a "hand tool." This will streamline the shipping process and ensure a hassle-free experience. 
You should ship your envelope to: 

Effetto Mariposa Sagl
Via Campagna 32/36, CH-6934 Bioggio, Switzerland

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