Carbogrip - assembly resin

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Carbogrip is a synthetic resin for the assembly of carbon parts. Applied, it creates a grippy surface that promotes stability. It’s also great as threadlocker and to eliminate creaking in the bottom bracket area.

**Carbogrip 75 ml is a spray product: we sell it directly from our e-shop only in Switzerland and Italy (but you can buy it in your Country, ask if you can't find it!)**

  • it’s anti-slip: avoids unwanted movements of clamped components
  • it’s anti-seizing: allows the removal of any component, even after a long time
  • it’s effective against creaking of Press-Fit bottom brackets
  • it’s perfect as threadlocker for metal or composite bolts
  • it’s water-proof: it remains effective for a long time
  • it’s an electric insulator: prevents galvanic corrosion and cold welding between metals
  • doesn’t scratch carbon parts and can be completely removed
  • it’s extremely versatile: we keep on finding new applications for Carbogrip (listed below)


The perfect complement for Giustaforza torque wrench

Even a torque wrench like our Giustaforza is sometimes not enough when dealing with carbon components, especially if they do not stay tight despite having been clamped with the recommended torque values. Experience tells us that the shiny surface of some carbon parts might force us to exceed the maximum torque - with all risks associated - in order to keep that part in place. To avoid that scenario we created Carbogrip, a special high-molecular-weight silicon resin, spray or liquid: applied on a component, it creates a solid anti-slip layer.

How it works

When the clamping force is applied, the anti-slip layer of Carbogrip prevents the component from moving. On the other hand, when the clamping force is released, Carbogrip - thanks to its anti-seizing characteristics - allows an easy removal of the component.

Effective for a long time

With the passing of time and with repeated washing, some assembly components lose their properties. Not Carbogrip, because it creates a very stable and effective layer with the following features:

  • it’s waterproof: if used on a seat-post, it prevents water from getting into the frame;
  • it’s an electric insulator: avoids galvanic corrosion/cold welding between different metals;
  • it’s resistant to very high temperatures: in cycling applications, the resin won’t melt or migrate nor change its properties.

Carbogrip can be easily removed using Carbomove or another petrol-based solvent (e.g. aviation spirit, Hexane).

Many application for Carbogrip

Originally created as a synthetic resin for assembly carbon components, since the very beginning Carbogrip has been a worthy ally for cycling mechanics, excelling in different applications:

  • it’s great as threadlocker (for steel, titanium, aluminium, carbon bolts);
  • it’s ideal for neoprene mountain bike grips: applied on the internal grip surface, it makes sure the grip easily slides onto the handlebar, locking it in place after a few minutes. The grip can then be removed blowing air inside with a compressor;
  • spread on the  bead of tubeless tyres, it prevents any movement with low-pressure riding;
  • if applied on the frame when assembling the bottom bracket, it’s great to prevent noises or creaking in the BB area (both threaded and press-fit BBs);
  • and many many other!

How to use Carbogrip as an assembly compound

  1. Carefully clean/degrease the assembling surfaces. If assembling a seat-post: be sure to remove any grease trace inside the seat tube too;
  2. apply Carbogrip on the component and immediately assemble it;
  3. tighten the mounting bolts at the suggested torque value;
  4. wait 3-5 minutes before using the component;
  5. unwanted Carbogrip traces can be removed with Carbomove or another petrol-based solvent.


Carbogrip is available as 75 ml spray canister or in boxes of 15 blisters (3 ml of liquid resin each).

What’s inside (and what is not)

Carbogrip is a special high-molecular-weight silicone resin. It doesn’t scratch components because it doesn’t contain sand or hard friction powder.

Tips and tricks

  • Spray: if you do not use Carbogrip frequently (or forget to put the bottle cap after use) the resin could harden and block the nozzle. In that case, just remove the nozzle: a droplet of Carbomove (or another petrol-based solvent) inside it will restore its functionality.
  • Blister: if a used blister is not emptied, the resin will polymerize and block the small opening, preserving the content for more applications.

Carbogrip is made in Italy.



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