Espresso osfa Clip - clamp for cartridge

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Espresso osfa Clip (one size fits all) allows to carry one Espresso or Espresso Doppio cartridge on the side of the bottle cage.
Equipped with a special aerospace-grade silicone elastic, it safely secures the cartridges.

  • adapts to Espresso and Espresso Doppio
  • stable fastening
  • super lightweight


Adaptable to different cartridges and frames

Espresso osfa Clip can accommodate different sizes of cartridges. This holder allows to attach one Espresso (75 ml) or Espresso Doppio (125 ml) next to the bottle cage. Thanks to its flexibility, the end of the Clip below the bottle cage easily conforms to the profile of the down tube, simply by tightening the screw of the bottle cage


The special aerospace-grade silicone elastic can be quickly opened to release the cartridge, but stays secured to the Clip to avoid loosing it in those emergency repair moments.


Virtually indestructible. The silicone elastic is UV resistant and can elastically stretch 200%.

Super low weight

totally reliable clamping at just 15 g (including the silicone elastic!).

Made in Italy

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