BIKETO, CN 08.2023

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Last year, bike peripheral brand Effetto Mariposa launched Flowerpower Wax, a chain oil based on natural waxes without dangerous additives. The company claims that the product is very green and has performed reliably under a series of rigorous tests.

Of course, "Huang Po sells melons, sells melons, sells and boasts", in order to obtain a more objective and convincing conclusion, a third-party team is required to test. Effetto Mariposa sends Flowerpower Wax chain oil to the Australian "Zero Friction Ride" laboratory. This laboratory is the absolute authority in evaluating bicycle chain lubricants, where they undergo lengthy and rigorous testing.

Let's take a look at the test results first:

1. Of all the drip chain oils tested, the chain wear with Flowerpower Wax was the least.

2. Flowerpower Wax is one of the few drop-type chain oils that can withstand 6000 kilometers of testing in different environments, and the chain is not even worn at all.

3. Flowerpower Wax has the best value for money of all the drip chain oils tested.

4. With just one use, Flowerpower Wax can ride for a long time.

The following are the detailed test details and process.

In this test, the "Zero Friction Ride" laboratory wanted to explore the resistance of these different brands of chain oil to dry (dust, sand) or wet (mud) pollution when the chain oil completely soaks the inside of the chain; The ability of chain oils to deal with various contaminants through self-cleaning; the performance of chain oils in conditions of extreme contamination (large amounts of mud).

It took several months to complete the full evaluation and testing, and 1000 kilometers of cycling in 6 simulated different environments. This is a brutal torture of the chain to simulate how it would wear under real conditions.

During the test, the tester will monitor the elongation of the chain at any time, and the accuracy of the measuring instrument is 0.01 mm. Once the chain reaches an extension of 0.50mm compared to the initial length of the chain, the chain is considered completely unusable and testing is stopped. In actual riding, when the chain extension reaches 0.50 mm, it will be very dangerous when riding, and it will cause great damage to the flywheel and chainring, and it needs to be replaced in time.

The apparatus used for testing was a modified home training machine with a motor applying a constant power of 250 watts at a pedal speed of 100 revolutions per minute. The following are 6 simulated test environments.

▲The green group is waxy chain oil, and the blue group is oily chain oil

1. The first stage of non-pollution test (1000 kilometers).

2. In the second stage of dry pollution test, smear 5 grams of sand on the chain (1000 kilometers).

3. After the third stage of dry pollution, test the self-cleaning ability of the lubricant without adding additional pollutants (1000 kilometers).

4. In the fourth stage of wet pollution test, 500ml of water was sprayed on the chain, and 5g of sand was applied (1000km).

5. In the fifth stage, after wet pollution, test the self-cleaning ability of the lubricant without adding additional pollutants (1000 kilometers).

6. In the sixth stage of extreme pollution test, the chain is first fully cleaned, then sprayed with 1000ml of water and smeared with 10g of sand to simulate riding in extreme mud. Very few chain oils can survive this level of "abuse" as many chain oils have reached 100% wear after being tested in the first 5 environments.

And when compared to other drip chain oils, Flowerpower Wax chain oil performs very well. During the first phase of testing, the chain lubricated with Flowerpower Wax had an elongation of only 2.3%, beginning to demonstrate its exceptional performance.

As soon as the second stage of dry contamination testing began, Flowerpower Wax left all products behind. Not only did it pass the 6 stages of testing, but after completing all the tests, the overall chain elongation was 80%, and the chain was not completely worn out.

So if you only oil it once, how long can the effectiveness of the chain oil last? The "Zero Friction Riding" laboratory has also made corresponding tests. As it turns out, Flowerpower Wax chain oil comes out on top again. Riding in a dry road environment, only one application of Flowerpower Wax chain oil can be used for 650 kilometers; riding in a dry off-road environment, the cruising range can reach 450 kilometers; and riding in an extreme muddy environment, the cruising range can reach 100 kilometers kilometer.

How much does chain oil cost to use? Generally speaking, the more expensive the chain oil, the better the effect of use, and there is a direct ratio between the two. A small bottle of chain oil can sometimes add or subtract to your cost of use.

The number of times you change your chain and drivetrain components over a long ride depends largely on the effectiveness of your chain oil. Chain oil that protects the chain and reduces chain wear prolongs chain life, helping you save on replacement costs.

Combining these two aspects, even a very expensive chain oil will "save you money" over a cheap chain oil that does not adequately protect the chain. Because expensive chain oil only needs to be applied once, can ride for a long time, and prevent premature chain wear.

The "Zero Friction Riding" laboratory divides the chain oil test environment into three types: paved road (dry and wet mixed, dry off-road (sediment), wet off-road (sediment and water). Estimate the use cost of up to 10,000 kilometers, Flowerpower Wax is arguably the best bang for the buck of all the drop chain oils tested, as it gives a good mileage at a reasonable price and reduces chain wear, it strikes a very good balance between price and drivetrain life balance.

Currently, Flowerpower Wax chain oil is available in 100ml and 500ml sizes.

Meiqi editor’s note: Although the article is written from the perspective of Effetto Mariposa’s promotion of Flowerpower Wax chain oil, there are also many common chain oils in the third-party test, which can be used as reference data for purchasing chain oil.