Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy

Effetto Mariposa Sagl has unilaterally determined that our interests and the interests of our dealers are best served through the adoption of a minimum advertised price (MAP) policy applicable to all Effetto Mariposa-branded products sold in the United States of America. This policy will allow our dealers to confidently stock and promote Effetto Mariposa Sagl products and to preserve the image and value of the Effetto Mariposa brand.

Dealer MSRP and MAP

Unless otherwise stated by Effetto Mariposa Sagl, the MAP price for any Effetto Mariposa branded product is equal to MSRP price, as unilaterally determined by Effetto Mariposa Sagl.

We will periodically update our Wholesale pricelist with MSRP and MAP pricing and distribute this to all distributors and wholesale accounts. This policy applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which retailers actually sell Effetto Mariposa branded products.

Retailers are free to independently set the price at which they sell Effetto Mariposa branded products. This policy does not apply to in-store displays or markings.

This policy applies to all forms of printed or electronic advertising, printed or on-line catalogues, displays, and all other forms of advertising. Price information related to Effetto Mariposa Sagl products on an internet website accessed via hypertext transfer protocol (http) is considered advertising for the purposes of this policy.

Policy Violations

Effetto Mariposa Sagl reserves the unilateral right to discontinue sales to any retailer who does not adhere to this MAP policy.

We cannot and will not accept any information from any dealer about violations of our MAP policy by another retailer.

  • First Violation: Retailer must adjust advertised prices to comply with the MAP policy within 24 hours of notice.

  • Second Violation: Retailer’s account will be frozen for a period of 30 days ad must thereafter comply with this MAP policy.

  • Third Violation: Retailer’s account will be permanently frozen.

This policy is effective January 1st, 2023.

Questions or comments regarding this updated policy should be directed to Velimpex Marketing, Inc., Effetto Mariposa Sagl USA sales agent:
Telephone: 970.282.1880 (Mr. Tom Petrie)

Best regards,

Alberto De Gioannini
(Effetto Mariposa Sagl shareholder and administrator)