Our passionate ambassadors

Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Team
"We tested a lot of different sealants and yours was absolutely the best. We have a strong preference for the Caffélatex for the performance and the foaming quality." Mikey van Kruiningen, Lead Machanic di Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Team
Tito Tomasi

Tito’s positive attitude towards life and cycling makes each multi-day trips across the Alps a soul search adventure. Among his epic feats: a crossing of the Pyrenees and a Mont Blanc tour! In his latest video he takes us on the stunning mountains around his hometown Aravis, France.

Mary Moncorgé
Mary has a solid racing pedigree (winner of North America Enduro Tour in 2012) and remarkable gravity riding skills. As an outdoor enthusiast, she’s often featured on Strava and PinkBike.com, shredding trails on her gravel or enduro bikes!
Stefano Udeschini (Steveude)

This professional mountain bike guide is constantly looking for epic rides and new lines on steep mountain trails. His genuine passion for off-road riding is evident in all his projects, from riding camps to riding trips (Epic Trail is just his latest project!)

Matt Surch, Teknecycling.com
As the founder of Teknè Cycling, Matt Surch is not only an accomplished road racing cyclist but also a passionate advocate for bicycles hailing from Canada. Through his platform, www.teknecycling.com, he shares his profound love for cycling, enriching the experiences...