Brand & Philosophy

The Chaos Theory is a fascinating physical-mathematical concept born in the 1960s. According to the theory, there’s a particular type of systems (called “Nonlinear dynamical systems”) which is highly sensitive to any small change, and even the slightest perturbation can have a great impact on the system as a whole (more details on Wikipedia here).

It’s easy to find some practical examples: the weather prediction models, the smoke spirals of a match, the pace of drops leaking from a sink, and many other events in everyday life.

The sensitivity to initial conditions has been called the “Butterfly Effect”, thanks to a famous quote by the American scientist Edward Lorenz: “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”. Over the years, this quote became a way to say that small and unpredictable events can cause a large-scale disaster.

The name ‘Effetto Mariposa’ is a blend between Italian and Spanish (mariposa means butterfly in Spanish), born to pay tribute to this concept.

Strength in details

Similarly to other fields, in the cycling world a small event can lead to unexpected consequences and a tiny improvement can make the difference in a sport where winning or losing can be a matter of fractions of seconds. 

In our approach to a new product, we start from a practical need or problem. We evaluate pros and cons of the goods already on the market - if there’s any - and we then work hard to create the best possible solution for our customers.

Every day, we try to give cyclists a great advantage through little innovations and improvements to their equipment, focusing on ignored and underrated details that can give small/big winning advantages .