About us

Who are we?

Above all, we are cyclists. We are fond of bicycles and of everything related to them. We relish the idea of waking up at 5AM to enjoy every push on the pedals on a desert road, to feel the cool morning breeze on our faces, to get dirt with grease or mud, to go back home dead tired but happy.

We know the downsides of the cyclists’ life: punctures, scratches and dents on the bicycle. We experienced first-hand that small maintenance errors can have a devastating impact on our rides.

At the same time we also are experienced professionals, making high quality products for cycling. Thanks to our expertise we always find the ideal solutions to the most common problems for cyclists, giving them cutting-edge and unique products.

What does Effetto Mariposa do?

Technical cycling products of the Effetto Mariposa

Effetto Mariposa specializes in bicycle torque wrenches (Giustaforza family), accessories for tubeless  (Caffélatex family, Tyreinvader) or tubular tyres (Carogna family), visco-elastic protective films (Shelter family) and… much more. Everything is designed and developed for cycling purpose.

Effetto Mariposa was born in 2007 with Giustaforza, the first torque wrench specially designed for cycling. Why did we do it? Because we think that every bicycle equipped with high-end components deserves a professional maintenance, with professional tools. After more than ten years, Giustaforza is still the benchmark in the industry.

Another example? Caffélatex, the first foaming tubeless sealant with no ammonia, was born from our lack of satisfaction for the products already on the market, and we wanted to offer a better sealant with winning features.

Caffélatex has been improved and enhanced during the years and now is one of the best selling bicycles sealants worldwide.

These two success cases show our approach to every new product: start from a practical need or issue, comprehend it in full, analyze the possible solutions and create our best answer.

There would be other examples, from protective film Shelter to adhesive tape for tubular tyres Carogna, but at this point we’d all rather stop reading and go riding. Like you, we love spending time on our bicycle, exploring a new path or finding new obstacles to overcome. That’s what we like the most, and that’s what we are good at.

Alberto with the logo of his beloved Effetto Mariposa


Our team is a group of dynamic people, hungry for new challenges.

We do not back down until we reach our aim, sometimes we challenge the common sense with some tests in extreme conditions. Our leader is Alberto (Read his interview!), the founder of Effetto Mariposa. 

"As a teenager [...] I was a real bicycle nerd. I knew all the weights of the bikes as well as the technical specs of the most exotic components by heart."

Materials engineer, Alberto worked for several well-known companies in the bicycle industry and then - in 2007 - he created Effetto Mariposa (his LinkedIn profile is here).


alberto de gioannini - owner of the effetto mariposa


Long-time cycling enthusiast, he has a true passion for bicycles, and he would like to ride every single day. When he can’t do it, his colleagues at Effetto Mariposa have the difficult task of dealing with him.

Where we are

Effetto Mariposa is located just outside Lugano, Cantone Ticino (Switzerland).