CYCLIST.CO.UK, 05.2024

Effetto Mariposa Végétalex

  • Pros: Plant-based biodegradable formula
  • Cons: Needs a little more per tyre than Caffelatex

Effetto Mariposa sells a wide range of tubeless tech. Alongside its Caffelatex sealant, it now offers this plastic-free biodegradable sealant. Effetto reckons that it’s also low maintenance. We’ve found that Caffelatex tends to dry out quite quickly, whereas Vegetalex is claimed to stay effective for six months’ use.

Going green, Vegetalex is based on ground olive stones and cellulose fibres, all held in a xanthan gum binder. Effetto says that it’s easy to clean, an advantage over latex-based formulations, and can handle cuts up to 5mm. It recommends around 42ml per tyre for a 28mm tyre, a little more than for Caffelatex.