Cylcingnews, UK 07.2023

Cyclingnews Awards: Chain lube

The best drip lube options for clean, efficient, fast drivetrain


Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower Wax chain lubricant glides into the honourable mention spot for a combination of great performance, value and some of the unique features it brings to the table.

Flowerpower Wax is made using the oil from sunflower seeds and has excellent green credentials. It performed excellently during Zero Friction testing and actually set a new cost to run longevity record amongst any drip lubricant. Who would have known the humble sunflower seed could contribute to such an excellent chain lubricant?

Flowerpower Wax is an excellent option for riding for long periods of time or riding off-road where more contamination is present. It's off-white in colour and does get a little muckier than some other lubricants in use, but you can rest assured it's bringing fantastic longevity to the table.

It's not terribly expensive, and if you are someone that likes to 'fit and forget' a little bit with your chain lube this may be a good one for you. Whether you just want longer intervals before you have to clean and reset your chain or just want to know you're using one of the most environmentally friendly chain lubricants out there.