Excellent sealant for bike tubes, seals punctures well and allows you to get to the house without pumping tires

Usage experience: a month or more
Cost: 1500 rubles

In pursuit of lightening the bike and switching to tubeless tires, I had to look for a good sealant. My first one was not very good - it seemed to work, it touched the holes, but it was not good and the tires still often poisoned and bled air. I had to pump up almost every other day, and even every day.

Then a friend gave me another one to try - Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Puncture Resistant Refill Bottl - a completely different matter. And the tires can be pumped to the fullest and hold for weeks. Here on it now and "sitting"%)

Technical information about the sealant:
Full name: Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex Puncture Resistant Refill Bottle 1000ml

Brand: Effetto Mariposa
Volume: 1 l (there are smaller bottles)
Product Type: Sealant
Place of purchase: they took a bicycle through a bourgeois Internet shop - [link] (direct link), but I also saw it in other specialized stores
Price: 16.80 euros + shipping
Packing: plastic liter bottle with locking cap
The kit also includes a silicone tube to make it easier to pour the sealant

Organoleptic properties of the sealant:

Sealant white (slightly yellowish) color. The consistency is liquid, almost like water, but at the same time it has a sticky structure (it begins to "shrink" like glue in the air). The smell is neutral, somewhat reminiscent of rubber glue, but not sharp and not strong, barely noticeable.

My experience with sealant:

To fill in the sealant. It is necessary from the beginning to seat the tubeless tire on the rim - until cotton, so that there are no gaps. Tires and rims are special, they have their own technology, hooks, etc.

Then we unscrew the core of the nipple

I fill in the sealant using a large 20 ml syringe (I no longer found it in the pharmacy). There are probably some special pribludas for some not small money%)

And then gently squeeze it through the nipple into the tire. I usually fill in 100-120 milliliters, although it seems possible with this less (but for me it’s better to overdo it). That is, it turns out 5-6 syringes in each tire.

If the sealant has spilled or spilled over the edge, you need to quickly wipe it off, otherwise it will seize like glue, then you will get tired of washing it off.

We inflate the wheel - I have a foot car pump, with an adapter for the "presta" nipple. And so with any pump.

And finally, the wheel needs to be chatted in different directions so that the sealant is distributed over the surface, sealing micro-cracks, if any.

Features of this sealant: Compared to standard latex-based tire sealants, Caffelatex foams while driving and completely evenly fills the tire with foam (Actifoam)

How does the sealant behave on the road?

I've been riding with coffelatex for a few months now. Holds air perfectly - tires are inflated to a maximum of 3.5-3.7 bar (which gives a good roll).

I made my way several times - on gravel mostly. The sealant quickly sealed the hole. The one that was smaller on the rear wheel - still on the go. But on the front there was a larger cut - I had to stop and plug the hole with my finger so that the sealant quickly closed it.

If you seal it up on the go, the sealant from the hole spurts right out of the hole (and it can fly into your face from the front wheel).
And if it stands with a hole down, a puddle runs up and an ugly blob forms on the tire itself. I tried to rip it off - the hole opened again, oh Sad

So, if the cut is relatively large, the sealant will not look very attractive from the outside, however, gradually this “patch” is wiped off on the asphalt.


It is better to store the sealant in the refrigerator so that it does not separate into different fractions. I had this with the old Sad


- large volume

- without smell

- easy to pour

- closes holes well

- can repair a small puncture on the go

- allows you to inflate the tire to the maximum

- allows you not to take with you a repair kit for the camera and even a pump


- if the cut is relatively large, a lot of sealant can escape

Conclusions: I am completely satisfied with the Caffélatex sealant in terms of its characteristics and effectiveness in sealing punctures. Plus, by coating the inside of the tire, it allows you to inflate it to the maximum possible pressure, which gives a better and faster roll on the road.


*Translated from Russian*