Végétalex Winner of Design & Innovation Award 2021

The innovative features of Végétalex, i.e its biodegradability together with its durability, have been awarded by Design & Innovation Award, which announced Végétalex as one of 2021 Winners!

"The Effetto Mariposa Végétalex sealant eschews environmentally harmful substances and plastics without sacrificing on functionality i.e. sealing and durability. As the first sealant of its kind, it’s based completely on biodegradable cellulose fibres and ground olive kernels, which swim in a polysaccharide carrier fluid. In the eventuality of a puncture, no harmful chemicals are released. The sealant is and happily seals holes and tears up to 5 mm long. The mixture is easy to clean and doesn’t clump up for an extended time, making it economical to use. That makes Effetto Mariposa Végétalex sealant the ecological benchmark in the realm of tubeless technologies."

Read more at DI.A 2021 Official Website: https://design-innovation-award.com/winner/effetto-mariposa-vegetalex/

The Design & Innovation Award is more than just an award. It’s the only award to feature comprehensive review, highlight potential and discuss the true value of innovation. The award team has once more invested countless hours to analyse the most exciting products of 2021 for you.

Source: Design & Innovation Award, https://design-innovation-award.com/


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