Which Shelter for my bicycle?

Effetto Mariposa's Shelter family provides the widest range of frame protections available. Choosing the best Shelter version for a specific bicycle is important, as each cycling practice requires a different protection level.

It's great to have multiple choices, as long as we also possess enough information for a correct decision: this also applies to our Shelter family.

Shelter Off-Road detail

This family of frame protections offers different sizes, different thicknesses... but we realized we hadn't quite explained our idea behind it.

Basically there are three types of Shelter:

The first two consist of an abrasion-resistant layer on top of a viscoelastic base (to absorb impacts). The last, ZeroDue, is just abrasion-resistant. Let's have a closer look at what they do.

Shelter Off-Road

Off-Road (the original "Shelter", 1,2 mm thick) is ideal for general off-road riding.

From downhill racing to XC on technical trails - with enduro in between - Off-Road is the go-to protection. Chainstays, downtube... and any area where the bike could take a hit, are great places to stick a piece of Shelter Off-Road. Easy to apply, very stable adhesion, it doesn't become yellow over time. No wonder this product is an all-time favourite in the bicycle protection market.

Shelter Road element

Shelter Road

Road (0,6 mm thick) is a misleading name for a great version of Shelter.

Initially targeted at road bikes, it's the protection of choice for cyclocross, gravel bikes... and weight-conscious cross-country racers. It provides the ideal scratch and shock protection level for most dirt-road bikes (eventually used in conjunction with Off-Road on specific areas, if riding on difficult terrains).

Shelter ZeroDue

ZeroDue is an (almost) weightless protection.

Just against scratches... but some bicycles are never ridden on-road, they just fly at low altitude on smooth asphalt, thanks to their low weight and refined aerodynamics. We still want those bikes to enjoy some shielding against the occasional less-than-perfect road stretch, or the cable housing abrasion on their immaculate paint job.

Being so thin, ZeroDue easily adapts, for example, to crank arms... and in general provides the invisible protection several road cyclists are looking for on their exotic machines.


First ever in Shelter family, ZeroDue adopts an invisible branding (to direct light): 'Shelter Effetto Mariposa' logo is laser-etched on the surface, for the most subtle branding effect ever.

What makes ZeroDue unique is the fact that it allows an easy and unprecedented personalisation. Avoiding to offer different pre-cut options, we decided to add a "sacrifice" printable paper on ZeroDue: the desired shape can be drawn by hand or printed ***, cut with normal scissors and put on the frame. "Shelter ZeroDue A4" kit is made of two A4 sheets.

Which format?

Our viscoelastic Shelters (Off-Road and Road) come in several versions.

We are big fans of Rolls, as they're the best for the DIY cyclist (1 m roll, width of 54 mm) and the professional shop mechanic (5 m roll, width of 54 mm).

Our traditional Pack (2 flat elements of 50 cm, width of 54 mm) has a loyal customer base, that's why it's still there... popular demand.

Pre-cut Kits are preferred in some markets (Japan, for example) as their ready-to-use format is very practical.

As anticipated above, ZeroDue follows a different approach. We introduced this new version as two A4 sheets: we think the innovative approach to DIY cut elements is a good solution for customers, who can decide the shape and size of each protective element (or just use our templates***).

***: download here the cut templates. Print on ink-jet printers only (Laser printers could overheat the protecting material, damaging it).

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