Flowerpower wax
the acclaimed wax-based chain lubricant with record-breaking performance and reliability

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Why Flowerpower Wax?

Reduces friction, noise and increases the life of the chain thanks to a solid layer of wax

 Very resistant to water: it's ideal in any season, on and off-road

Rapidly biodegradable: it does not contain PTFE, sulphides, graphene or other chemicals harmful to the environment

Highest resistance to contamination by dirt and dust - and it does not dirty your clothes!

by Zero Friction Cycling

Who is Zero Friction Cycling?
The absolute authority in the evaluation of bicycle chain lubricants!

Flowerpower Wax

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The secret is in the application

How to apply Flowerpower Wax to get the best performance

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Two different sizes of kits, desiged to get your cleaning and lubrication routine to the next level!

Chain Care Essential
Chain Care Essential

Chain Care Essential

Chain Care XL
Chain Care XL

Chain Care XL

Flowerpower Wax doesn't expire!*

Flowerpower Wax doesn't expire!*

*Just keep it closed and away from heat sources and direct sunlight

Choose the bigger version, save 10%!

Flowerpower Wax - 500 ml

What they say about Flowerpower Wax...

What they say about Flowerpower Wax...

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