Cycle Sport, JP 03.2022

Testing new Effetto Mariposa products that make road bike maintenance easier.

Swiss bicycle maintenance product brand "Effetto Mariposa" has a good reputation for tubeless products such as sealants. From that Effetto Mariposa, new products such as cleaners and sealants that are biodegradable and easy to post-treat, and make maintenance of sports bikes such as road bikes much easier, have appeared. I immediately tried using it in the editorial department.

Easy post-treatment with water "Alpine Extra"

A chain cleaner based on oil obtained from the roots of felled pine trees, called pine oil. It is based on natural extracts and is environmentally friendly, yet it has strong detergency. A well-balanced blend of solvent and surfactant allows for simultaneous cleaning and rinsing, leaving no residue on the chain. After cleaning, just rinse with water and it will come off easily. It is recommended to use it in a chain scrub machine.

Since it is recommended to put it in a chain scrub machine, we pour "Alpine Extra" into the new chain cleaner "Mangiacatena Chain Scrub Machine" from Efet Mariposa to clean dirty chains. I tried it.

First, since the tip of the container is in the shape of a tube, it is easy to remove the solvent without spilling it. The solvent has a light blue color and has a "unique scent that makes you feel the ingredients taken from the pine tree".

It seems that the performance of the chain scrub machine itself is high, but the cleaning power was so high that it could not be thought of as a natural extract-based chain cleaner. It is spectacular to see the black oily lumps stuck to the chain flowing down the lumps.

Chain washed with All Pine Extra

Rinsing the cleaner was actually easy with just water. It seems to emulsify when mixed with water, and it becomes a white liquid and immediately flows down.

It can be said that it is a new chain cleaner that is environmentally friendly and has powerful cleaning power, which was unlikely until now.

Mangiacatena Chain Scrub Machine

The item used this time is Effetto Mariposa Mangiacatena Chain Scrub Machine (price: 3850 yen). It is a new product that can efficiently clean the top and bottom of the chain with a minimum of detergent.

Cleaner "Allpine Light" that does not require rinsing and is convenient for use in apartment buildings

A biodegradable frame cleaner based on pine oil. It is convenient to use in places where water is difficult to use, such as bicycle parking lots and balconies, because it is not necessary to rinse off dirt by simply spraying and rubbing with a waste cloth. It is also ideal for cleaning e-bikes and electric components that have many electronic components. It also has the effect of removing dirt while keeping the lubricating oil in the drive unit.

After spraying Allpine Light, it looks like it was wiped with a waste cloth

I sprayed it on a dirty bike frame. When sprayed, the solvent is sprinkled in a foamed state to some extent. When I wiped it with a waste cloth, not only did the dirt come off cleanly, but the frame was clear-painted, but it became shiny and shiny enough to show my face.

Many of these types of cleaners have a rather strong odor, and if you inhale the scattered material, you may have a sore throat. My throat didn't hurt either. I feel that point is also good.

It is difficult for people living in apartments to wash their motorcycles with water, and since the work with chemicals is disliked by householders, it is easy to clean without using water, and it is biodegradable and has a strong odor. Not this product will come in handy. It seems to be convenient when you want to quickly clean the frame on the go.

Biodegradable sealant "Végétalex" that is easy to wash off

Biodegradable and completely plastic-free sealant. Instead of latex, it uses ingredients made from finely ground olive seeds and cellulose fibers, and has the effect of closing puncture holes up to 5 mm wide. Xanthan gum, which is used for dressing and thickening sauce, is used as the solvent. A major feature is that it can be washed with water or a neutral detergent without using a special remover like latex sealants. It's nice to have it for up to 6 months and reduce the frequency of replacement, and it goes well with e-bikes. It is also possible to use CO2 inflator specifications that could not be used with the existing model "Caffélatex".

I used it on a tubeless ready tire and tested it. The sealant liquid is a thin, silky black liquid, while other latex sealants are opaque and muddy.

Since it comes with a hose for pouring, I felt that it would be good to pour it easily without using a sealant injector. It is easy to do even with the method of pouring from the side of the tire. Also, because it is smooth, it is easy to spread it over the entire tire after pouring it, which is very easy to handle. It's also good that it's almost odorless and doesn't make you feel sick while working.

I accidentally put a sealant on my clothes during the work, but it was so smooth that it was almost clean when I wiped it off immediately. I felt that the ease of processing when it was scattered around was also a big advantage.

Due to time constraints, it was not a few months after the sealant was injected, but a few hours, but it was certainly easy to wash off with just water. Not only when changing tires in a few months, but also when "I want to change only the sealant because the tires are still usable", it seems to be quite convenient.

It's not as good as the rim cement of tubular tires, but it's easy to feel that removing the sealant when changing tires is troublesome. Expectations are high as a new product that changes the common sense of such tubeless lady.

Chain wax "Flowerpower Wax" that has strong water resistance and maintains lubricity even in the rain

Chain wax refined from sunflower seed oil. It adheres strongly to metal and has water resistance, and the lubrication effect is maintained even in rainy weather or unintentional flooding. It also has the durability to withstand the continuous stress of pedaling. It has already cleared the usage test in MTB races that run on rough roads. On top of that, it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

As the name "chain wax" means, instead of chain lube or chain oil, you can see that it is a white wax-like liquid when applied to the chain. After applying, the excess was wiped off and after a few tens of minutes, it dried and the chain became wax-coated.

When I first ran in a dry environment, I felt the chain sticking to the cassette sprocket. Rather than having less resistance, it feels like the chain is sure to bite into the sprocket.

Since it is water resistant and the lubrication effect lasts even in the rain, I dared to wet the chain and drive train with water and ran, but the feeling of running did not change at all.

I felt that the chain was comfortable to step on the pedal and bite the sprocket, so it was rather suitable for use in the dry environment of a road bike. Of course, it will also be useful in harsh cross-country MTB races, enduro and trail rides.

OTHER LINE UP ~ Rim strike countermeasure items for tubeless ready are also available

In addition to the new products introduced above, there are also interesting items that will be on your side with gravel bikes and MTB tubeless ready tires. Let's introduce it as another lineup.


High-density EVA tire insert developed for tubeless ready tires. By putting it inside the tire, it prevents deformation and damage of the rim due to hitting the rim while driving, and prevents puncture. Made of high-density EVA, which is also used for the soles of sports sneakers, it is extremely light and durable. Since it is not a sponge material that absorbs the sealant, it can be used in combination with the sealant. Please see the official video below for how to install it.

Check out the official video

Brand Info ~ About Effetto Mariposa
A brand that manufactures tools and chemicals for Swiss sports bikes, which was born in 2007. In 2009, we launched "Cafe Latex," the first ammonia-free sealant for sports bikes, which has earned it a high reputation as a maintenance product brand that is particularly resistant to sealants. Currently, he develops unique and high-performance products centered on tubeless items."

*Translated from Japanese*