OFFROAD.CC, UK 03,2021

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Off-Road protection tape review

Excellent frame protection and very flexy, but may react with fluoro paint

What's good?
Excellent frame protection
Moulds to curves easily
What's not?
Can react with some paints
Buy if...
You want to protect your frame from cable rub and stone chips

The Effetto Mariposa Shelter Tape Off-Road gives excellent protection thanks to its 1.2mm thickness, and is easy to apply with a very sticky backing. It's excellent stuff, though did cause some darkening on one fluorescent paintjob we tested it on.

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While the version I tested came as two 500mm sections that can be cut to shape, it's also available in precut shapes or simply on a roll at either 1m or 5m.

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Off-Road Roll 54mm X 1m - 1,2mm Bike Frame Guard Tape

The tape is very flexible and easy to mould, and I only needed a heatgun for the trickiest shapes – unlike some other tapes I've used.

It has a very sticky adhesive, so it is vital to make sure the size and position is right before removing the backing tape, as once it is down you will struggle to remove and re-use it.

Many miles carrying luggage through some terrible weather, and plenty of exposure to cleaning products afterwards, has done nothing to diminish this tape. I've found zero peeling or discolouring in the tape itself.

The one issue I found with Shelter tape is its affects on fluorescent paint – or at least, on a fluoro yellow frame of mine. It seemed to react with adhesive and left a dark patch where the tape had only been in place for a few weeks.

Removing the tape is reasonably easy should you need to, though a blast from a hair dryer or heat gun certainly helps. I had no issues with paint being removed, either.

The discolouration issue aside, Shelter tape is ideal for bikepacking setups. In the past I've had major issues with wear around seatposts, head tubes and handlebars where bag straps rub, and in all these locations the tape is easy to apply and gives excellent protection.

If you are not using bags or attaching anything to the frame, the pre-cut version might be more suitable, although you do pay a premium – it's £23, versus £20 for the uncut one.

The Effetto Mariposa Shelter Off-Road is strong, flexible and extremely sticky, making it a good option for all bikes – except, perhaps, for very bright or fluorescent ones.