OffRoad.CC, UK 05.2024

Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower chain wax review

Exceptionally clean drip-wax lubrication option.

What's good?
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Lasts reasonably well
  • Ability to top-up
What's not?
  • Application nozzle
  • Needs to be dry to work
  • Doesn’t last well in wet conditions
Buy if...
you want a clean drip-wax chain lube option.
Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower is a high-performance lubricant that derives its name from the natural ingredient extracted from sunflower seeds. Unlike some other lubricants, it does not contain fluorinated compounds, making it an eco-friendly option. It is exceptionally clean, resembling immersion wax, but it takes time to dry. The only downside is that the unique top of the bottle can be frustrating to use.

To apply Flowerpower, you need to degrease your chain thoroughly. This includes removing the factory chain oil from a new chain. After application, the wax needs to dry before use.

Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower chain wax - Technical details

The Flowerpower was tested after cleaning the drivetrain in an ultrasonic cleaner with a degreaser. The application process involves using the nozzle at the top of the Flowerpower, which is designed to make the application easier but, in reality, it makes it more difficult and I found it prone to irregular amounts dropping out. The top twists, but it is not meant to be removed. One drop of Flowerpower is required per roller, and the chainset should be rotated at least 10 times to allow it to coat the full link. Finally, any excess should be wiped off the outside of the links. During colder weather months, it takes several hours to dry, and it is best to leave it overnight. On hotter days, it dries much quicker but it is still best to apply it as suggested.

Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower chain wax - Performance

Effetto Mariposa estimates 4ml per application, which seems accurate after our test period. The brand also claims that the lubricant can last up to 600 km on the road in dry conditions, but this is an optimistic figure. In reality, achieving 100km on drier days is possible for general off-road use on typical British terrain but, on damp days, it is reduced to around 80km. In very wet conditions, it is more realistic to expect 50km. This is on par with other wax-based chain lubricants, including CeramicSpeed UFO, which also makes optimistic longevity claims.

Flowerpower is a chain lubricant that stands out from other options owing to how clean the chain remains after use – and after multiple re-applications. While Squirt and Smoove also provide excellent performance, they can start to build up a layer of black residue after multiple applications or if you apply too much in one go. In contrast, Flowerpower remained clean after approximately eight to 10 reapplications, covering almost 1,000 km of riding. During this time, the bike was cleaned multiple times but no harsh degreasers were used on the chain.

Effetto Mariposa claims Flowerpower is the fastest wax-based drip lubricant tested by Zero Friction Cycling (link is external). The testing also shows how effective it is at holding off contamination, and as a result, maximising chain life.

Effetto Mariposa Flowerpower chain wax - Verdict

The natural ingredients used in this product are good and are even more remarkable when the product delivers exceptional performance. Flowerpower achieves this feat, making it an excellent choice for riders who already appreciate the benefits of an immersion or drip wax chain lube. It sets a new standard for what a drip option can accomplish, whether used by itself or as a top-up on an immersion waxed chain for longer rides. The pricing is competitive and the drying time is similar to other options. However, the application nozzle isn't as effective or easy to use as its rivals, which is the only downside.