Carogna Kit

Carogna Kit

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A kit version of our 4 Carogna shops variants, with Eau de Carogna included for free!

  • Carogna double sided adhesive tape, shop versions. Carogna is a fast, clean and safe way to glue tubulars, matching the best mastics in terms of gluing performance and heat-resistance.
  • FREE Eau de Carogna - adhesion primer. Surfaces cleanliness is paramount for proper adhesion. In cycling, cyclocross tubulars need perfect gluing, only achievable when both rim and tubular surfaces are clean and ready. Eau de Carogna prepares the tubular base tape for state of the art adhesion.


Carogna double sided adhesive tape:

  • Very reliable adhesion, in any condition and temperature
  • Extremely easy to use: fast and clean, even for beginners
  • Works for road and off-road riding
  • Four widths available, to fit any tubular rim and application

Eau de Carogna adhesion primer cleans the tubular base tape, optimizing adhesion to Carogna tape Cyclocross specific, but ideal whenever tubulars are used at low pressure


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