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Carbocut is an hacksaw for carbon with the blade edge made of Tungsten Carbide grit: it’s the best for cutting hard materials  (e.g. ceramics, steel, titanium) and it's excellent with composite tubes and components.

  • it’s the best tool for cutting carbon tubes in a professional way
  • smooth cutting and best control
  • the best cutting in a short time
  • long-lasting blade


Best choice for composites

Carbocut cuts quickly, with the best result and with no fibre damage. The blade has an edge made of Tungsten Carbide (WC) grit. This means that, instead of having just a cutting edge, you have thousands of tiny cutting edges, and their cutting action is more like grinding,  in place of the ‘ripping’ action of toothed blades. Therefore, this reduce the risk of ungluing fibres from the matrix. The edges of a carbon tube cut with Carbocut are smooth and without burrs, and they not require  any further sand-paper smoothening.

Steady cutting and better control

Carbocut hacksaw for carbon cuts both on push and pull strokes, providing more control and less vibrations. With a height of 19 mm (3/4”), the blade itself provides a guide for proper cuts. IMPORTANT: since the blade has a thickness of 1,6 mm (instead of a 0,9 mm standard blade), spacers (washers) might be needed to use with some cut jigs.

Durable blade

WC blades are superior to metal toothed blades in terms of durability, especially when cutting difficult materials (like composites).

What it cuts

Composite materials, hard metals (hardened steel, cast iron, titanium) ceramic and building materials . Softer products like wood, plastics or aluminium are more easily cut with toothed blades.

Compact and easy to handle

Carbocut accepts 10” blades, making it very compact and easy to carry in a toolbox, or to be used in tight spaces. 10” WC blade replacements are available at Effetto Mariposa distributors

Made with certified materials

Carbocut handle is made of certified aluminium (EN AB46100 Alloy, no scrap aluminium added), its frame of certified steel (Fe42) and its blade is simply extraordinary and built to last. An ergonomic blade-tensioning knob ensures the correct blade tension for many, perfect cuts.

Carbocut is made in Italy.

In the gallery below is shown how to adapt a Park Tool guide to Carbocut:



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