Carbocut Replacement Blade - blade for carbon

Carbocut Replacement Blade - blade for carbon

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Carbocut Replacement Blade is a tungsten carbide grit-edge blade for Carbocut hacksaw. Mounts on any 10" hacksaw frame. Sold as pack of 5.


The best choice for composites

Tungsten carbide (WC) grit edge blades have thousands of cutting edges and their cutting action is more similar to grinding, compared to the ‘ripping’ action of toothed blades, hence reducing the risk of debonding fibers from the matrix.

Steady cutting action and better control

Carbocut blade cuts both on push and pull strokes, providing more control and less vibrations. Being 19 mm (3/4”) tall, the blade itself provides a guide for proper cuts. IMPORTANT: as this blade has a thickness of 1,6 mm (instead of 0,9 mm of a standard blade), spacers (washers) might be needed to use with some cut jigs.


WC blades are superior to standard metal toothed blades in terms of durability, especially when cutting difficult materials (like composites).

What it cuts

Composites, hard metals (hardened steel, cast iron, titanium) ceramic and masonry. Softer materials like wood, plastics or aluminum are more easily cut with standard toothed blades.


10″ lenght (254 mm), 3/4″ height (19 mm), thickness 1,6 mm.


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